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  • I manage a brand new online news site and I was wondering if a few things were possible when an article to gets submitted to our site. I would create a login and submit form and those items area fairly easy. Here is what I was wondering about wordpress.

    1) The article would need to be automatically put in the approriate section, like Sports.
    2) The new article would push down the latest article on the (Sports) list and would also show up on the front page as the most current article.
    3) The article in the last position would get pushed to the archive page. We have room for 8 article per page.
    4) Photos would get automatically inserted into a pre defined template.

    Is there a widget or plugin this this type of thing? Or heck, if there is a web page design I can buy that does this, I’m all for it!

    Sorry for the noobish questions. Normally I would google it but I am not sure what tearch tearm I would type in. I just started using wordpress this week and am loving it so far! Unfortunatly the site I built over the past month was not built on wordpress and I will be compleatly redesigning it using wordpress to make it easier to manage. I found out this week most of our little group of photographers are unfamiliar with how to resize their images. One even didn’t know how to rename his photos (Yea, I facepalmed). I could cry.

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    For 1,2 and 3, You have to select the right category for that. But yes, it does.

    Photos… I’m not sure what you’re asking.

    Sorry I was not descriptive enough on the photo portion. We emphasize photography heavily so there are a few specific locations on each article page the host a few photos of the item being reported on. The photos zig zag down the page every few paragraphs. One on the left, one on the right, one on the left and so on. Number of photos depend on how long the article is but that’s a minor detail. I would assume there is some way to automatically insert a few pictures in a predefined location on some sort of template?

    Any advice on how I would start to go about doing item 1, 2, and 3? Any widgets or addins you would recommend? Or any recommendations of anything would be nice. Like I had said, I wasn’t sure how to google this so I am not sure what exactly I am searcing for.

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