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    Just edit /wordpress_folder/wp-includes/query.php

    $pages = array( $post->post_content );
    		$multipage = 0;

    Replace with

    preg_match_all("#<p(.*?)</p>#", $content, $paragraphs);
    		$count = 0; $max_paragraph = 10;
    		foreach ($paragraphs[0] as $paragraph) {
    			if ($count == $max_paragraph) {
    				$content = str_replace($paragraph, $paragraph."<!--nextpage-->", $content);
    				$count = 0;
    			else $count++;
    		if ( $page > 1 )
    			$more = 1;
    		$multipage = 1;
    		$content = str_replace("\n<!--nextpage-->\n", '<!--nextpage-->', $content);
    		$content = str_replace("\n<!--nextpage-->", '<!--nextpage-->', $content);
    		$content = str_replace("<!--nextpage-->\n", '<!--nextpage-->', $content);
    		$pages = explode('<!--nextpage-->', $content);
    		$numpages = count($pages);

    I split post to multi page and each page have 10 paragraph. Maybe it’s only work for me. Of course, you can split base number of image, word,…

    1 question I want ask that maybe write plugin like this to auto split long post or any edit in themes.

    Edit core is work for me but maybe not a good way.

    Sorry for my bad English. And thanks for any support…

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  • Moderator t-p


    check thois plugin and see if it will work for you:

    @t-p: I don’t think it auto split long page

    We did not create any new features with this plugin, it simply brings back an existing feature to the toolbar.

    Moderator t-p


    Just insert <!–nextpage–> where you need the break, and a properly coded theme will create pagination links.


    @t-p: of course I know it. Do you see “auto” word? Just think about 1 post have ~10 000 words. It crazy to manual insert <!–nextpage–>

    Moderator bcworkz


    You should be able to make a plugin out of your code. All the important vars are available as globals. There’s an action hook, ‘the_post’ right after your insertion that could be used. Not really sure how to use ref_array hooks though.

    Ideally, find a hook just before this function is called, then you don’t have to replicate the <!--nextpage--> code.

    Personally, I dislike multi-page posts, no doubt others prefer it, as I see it all the time, to my annoyance. 🙂

    @bcworkz: Can you make me some suggestion for?

    I’m also like you :). If can make a plugin, I will split page just for Mobile Users :). Long post can make some phone out of memory and ops… Phone restart 🙂

    Moderator bcworkz


    Ah, mobiles! I’m ashamed to admit I often neglect this increasingly important segment.

    I poked around a bit, looks like ‘the_post’ is the only hook available. Looks like you still use add_action() to hook ref_array actions, it’s just you get a single array of arguments instead of comma separated arguments.

    Plugin would be roughly:

    /* plugin specific headers go here...*/
    add_action('the_post', 'bcw_paginate');
    function bcw_paginate($post) {
      global $page, $pages, $multipage, $more, $numpages;
      $content = $post->post_content;
      //Insert your code here...
      return $post;

    Sr for late reply. It’s work. Thanks for suggestion 🙂

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