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  • Hi.
    I have a question and I dont know where to post it.
    I have a running page, everything is working fine.
    But once in a while wordpress starts an automatic setup in my root directory. Why?
    Let me explain. My page is made of two seperate wordpress instalations.
    One is public and one is private secured with a password.
    Therefore on my server I have two directories. One is PRIVATE with wordpress instalation and page inside. And other is PUBLIC with wordpress instalation and all the folders inside.
    In PUBLIC site general settings I set up WordPress Address as ‘domain/PUBLIC’ and Site Address as ‘domain’.
    Which if I understand correctly means that my folders and files are in the directory PUBLIC, but i can acces my page at ‘domain’. Right?
    So everything works fine, until it doesnt.
    It happened twice in last few months that when i used browser to go to my site, it automaticly redirected me to ‘domain/wp-setup/install.php’ (or something like that, cant remember right now) and wanted me to complete quick installation.
    What I did to fix this? I went to my server and deleted all the files that this automatic setup made (folders wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes.. and all the other files that wordpress makes when installing). And after I deleted this files, site was working again. But after few months it happened again, the automatic setup. What can i do to fix this?

    Thank you for your help

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  • hello

    so let me get this, you have two installations of wordpress and your URL for your installation is and Are the wordpress installation inside of or and

    if the installation files are inside of and, make sure the MySQL database is separate but can use the same username and password. if you are changing the site address (url) and wordpress address url are the same such as for both. and same goes with the private.

    I would also recommended instead of doing sub directories for individual installations. why not use sub domains instead… and, this way, u won’t have any conflicts

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