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    i went to and copied and pasted the rss feed onto wordpad and saved the rss file as a word doc. then i went to wordpress and under Import – RSS – Import posts from an RSS feed…i imported that rss file and it populated my page…

    am i doing this correctly? does that mean that tomorrow or whenever, the feeds are going to be updated automatically? we don’t want to ‘write’ posts we want the rss feed to do the work for us…am i doing this right?

    also..the links to the articles in my blog is not going to the actual page of the article i found. it goes to another page within my blog for comments.

    can someone please help me?


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Do you hae explicit permission from these sites to use their content?

    no i don’t think so but do i need to subscribe to them first maybe?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If you are going to use their content on your site and have any links in your site then you really need to get their permission. To not do so could be a bad thing.

    yes your right podz…and i will but am i doing it the right way in populating my blog site? i mean when you click on any one of the articles on my page it doesn’t link to there article…it just goes to another page in my blog.

    does anyone know? i’m totally baffled by this.

    how is it that my site is different from where they get there landrovernews updates to populate by itself? is this even possible?

    “Import from RSS” is designed to be a one-time process for people who are moving from a different software system to WordPress. To display someone else’s RSS feed and have it update by itself, you’ll need a plugin like one of these – I like inlineRSS, myself.

    Motor Trend has an official policy allowing anyone to republish their feeds, as long as they get proper credit and a link back, so you’re probably ok on permissions as long as you fix up your site to make it more clear that these are Motor Trend’s links, and not your own.


    i’m trying it now. i downloaded inlineRSS and followed the instructions in my readme.txt.

    i’m stuck.

    In the WordPress plugins control panel, edit the inlineRSS.txt file to point at your feeds. There are three fields per line, the “casual” name, the
    html/rss/xml feed URL, and the minimum time between refreshes, in minutes.
    See inside file for more details around options.

    i named this “<?php inlineRSS(‘2007escalade’); ?>”

    In your theme’s templates, add in <?php inlineRSS(‘casualname’); ?>
    everywhere you want a feed.

    i placed this in my index.php file and it ended up breaking my page

    in my wordpress i edited my inlineRSS to:
    # a WordPress post or page using:
    # !inlineRSS:

    i don’t get where i went wrong…does anyone know?

    well i got an email from someone and inlineRSS isn’t what i need.

    i need a plugin to allow rss feeds to populate on my page daily with fresh news.

    there’s gotta be a way. i can’t be doing these manually by posting one article at a time.

    noone knows?

    I think you need wp-autoblog, by elliotback. I am using it with the truncate titles plugin here Whats nice about this plugin is rss automatically updates and loads directly to the front page. The bad thing is when post update so quickly you can miss stuff. To keep info front page long enough you’ll need a sticky post plugin, but the only one I have found doesn’t play well with wp-autoblog. So no sticky post.

    don (el paso)

    thanks don…actually i’m using wp-cron for automatic postings of my feeds. and it’s working like a charm.

    thanks 🙂

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