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  • Hi,

    Could someone please let me know if the following is possible and if so.. what will be the best way of doing it.

    I use Advance Access Manager plugin (latest version) and by default have the registered users directed to the Author role, what I would like to do is, is the following:

    1. User register
    2. Pop up form asking the user if he/she wants to Opt out or Opt in to view adult content
    2. A. If the user choose to opt in, he/she will have the Author user role.
    2. B. If the user choose to opt out, he/she will have a different user role, a role which I defined in Access Manager plugin.
    3. If you refer to my website, and looking at the following post, you will notice that to the top right of the post, there is a post which is part of Adult content, how can this be hidden from visitor and user that has opted out of viewing such content.

    Ideally I would like to have the opt in / opt out option automated rather than going into the user’s account and manually update it. It would more sense to change it automatically when the user makes a selection.

    Though my post here relates much to AAM plugin, I do not get any replies from them.

    Thanks in advance.

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