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[Resolved] Automatic registration

  • Hi,
    I noticed a strange thing just now.
    After changing and saving a series of old articles, for each of these a subscription has added, mine (my e-mail address).
    Honestly, I didn’t notice if that happened even before plugin updating (I’ve updated today).
    In subscription list there was some of my subscription in other dates, but some of them may have been test operation, so I can’t say if this error was present before today.

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  • Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    It’s not an error, it’s a new feature. If you don’t want this to happen, disable the corresponding option, which apparently you have enabled:

    Settings > Subscribe to Comments > Notify Admin.


    Can you specify better, please?
    I don’t understand the use. Why would I, admin, want to subscribe to an ipotetic discussion (that doesn’t exist), in that moment and just because I updated SEO settings (in this case) in some articles, or if I change some words in text or anything else?
    Change things in a post has nothing to do with comments.
    In any case, excuse me, I haven’t understand where to disable that function.
    In Notify Admin the things are (of course) related to send notify-registration to users (and I haven’t changed nothing there), what I must disable?
    Maybe I need to change something in Options-Subscribe authors?

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    Some users have requested this feature, which is useful for blog with many authors, who want to keep track of the discussion around their posts.

    My bad about how to disable the setting, you’re right, it’s in

    Settings > Subscribe to Comments > Options > Subscribe Authors

    As for WHEN this is done, unfortunately WordPress doesn’t offer a way to differentiate between a NEW post being added or an EXISTING one being edited. The action publish_post triggers in both cases:



    Ok, I’ve disabled that option (I’m the only author), and it works.
    Thanks for explanation

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    Sure, no problem! This plugin is starting to be used in large networks of blogs, so you can understand different users have different needs.


    your needs are different from those of who manages these big clusters of blogs

    Yes I know, but I thought there was no relationships for no-one between update a post and subscribe for any comment on that same post.
    This because I didn’t know that for WP there’s no difference between upgrade an old post or add a new one 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    Fair enough…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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