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    “Your plugins are all up to date.” I get that message on the update-core.php site, even so I’m certain that this is not the case. My plugins are not all up to date. The same with themes and with the WordPress Core itself. I’ve had this problem for a while, so I manually updated to 3.3.1 recently to see if that fixes the problem.

    It worked fine up untill December 2011 or so. Before updating to 3.3.1, I saw a “HTTP Timeout” Error on the Dashboard where the WordPress Blog Feeds are. After updating to 3.3.1 this error is gone. At this forums I saw people suggesting editing core files to increase the timeout limit, but that is no optimal solution.

    I’m unsure if the problem is on my side, maybe WordPress API Servers have problems? Heard somthing about them being updated.

    A different installation (no multisite) on another server does not have this problem.

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  • Norm


    I am also experiencing this error. It’s only happening on one of my sites and with a host I am unfamiliar with. Originally I thought it might a permissions or config setup. But that was just a guess.

    I reinstalled 3.3.1, updating the path to the plugins folder, and changing themes. The problem still exists with no noticeable change.

    I’ve recently encountered this problem as well.. after upgrading to WP 3.5.

    Prior to the upgrade I was getting notifications when new versions of plugins were available… but since the upgrade (and I am not sure that the upgrade caused the problem… but the problem has arisen at some stage after the upgrade) I am NOT receiving notifications even though I know there are newer versions.

    The only way I can upgrade a plugin currently is to de-install and reinstall it !!!


    I deactivated ALL plugins and DID get update notification, and was then able to upgrade plugins and reactivate “recently deactivated plugins”.

    So, it appears that one of my active plugins may be causing the issue… I will deactivate individually and try an determine which is the problem (but I will not know if it is working until there is another Plugin update… so may take a few days to diagnose)

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