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  • I’ve been using the automatic upgrade function for my plugins for quite a while. Now all of a sudden WordPress is asking me for “Connection Information” and I’m not clear what I need to be entering. I tried one combination got an error message that my password was incorrect.

    So I’m confused and the page is not very explicit (see below). What is the hostname, does it want my WordPress password, or my server password?

    And more importantly, why did this crop up all of a sudden?
    Here’s a copy and paste from the page requesting the info:

    To perform the requested action, connection information is required.
    Authentication Keys
    Public Key:
    Private Key:

    Enter the location on the server where the keys are located. If a passphrase is needed, enter that in the password field above.
    Connection Type
    Connection Type FTP
    FTPS (SSL)

    Any clues would be helpful because upgrading the “old fashioned” way is a real pain – I don’t know which files I should be overwriting when I’ve already customized settings in a plugin. The specific one I’m trying to update is HeadSpace2.


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  • the connection info is your ftp user/pass

    Thanks, that worked although WP didn’t tell me the process was complete and it looked like the page had hung up.

    When I eventually checked the plugins page because I was wondering what was going on, HeadSpace was in the “Inactive” list but the upgrade had been successful. Reactivating it brought back my settings, so I guess those are stored outside of the plugin folder … somewhere!

    Thanks again for your prompt help, much appreciated.

    Reactivating it brought back my settings, so I guess those are stored outside of the plugin folder

    ALL info is stored in the database. You need to keep recent back ups of this. Backing up files doesn’t do any good except for ones you modified. You can grab the files anywhere – your unique db…not

    Thanks for this, I do actually back up my database files as well as backing up the entire site – both on a regular basis. Not that I’d really know what to do if I need them, but I’ll cross that bridge if I ever come to it!

    But it is very good advice and I appreciate the reminder. Thanks!

    I am confused here:

    Do I need to setup a FTP service on the WordPress server in order to upgrade plugins?

    Why suddenly it started requesting such information?

    I have one site that’s just started doing this. How can I get it to stop?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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