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    there’s new features in cloudflare, it called Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress. are this plugin compatible with that feature?

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  • Plugin Contributor Saumya Majumder


    Hi @kautsarjuhari,
    Af far my understanding by reading Introducing Automatic Platform Optimization, starting with WordPress blog post by Cloudflare Cloudfare team this is how the system works:

    • The system will use something like Cache Everything page rule to cache your first HTML request which in most case is DYNAMIC. This you can already achieve with our plugin.
    • For free Cloudflare users this is going to cost $5/mo
    • So, basically along with caching CSS, JS, images and other static files the system will also cache the First HTML Request for lower TTFB (you can already do that with our plugin)
    • It also claims that when you update post, pages things will get auto purged. But if you check this link: you will see that the system will support only a hand few actions so for complicated WordPress sites with CPT and other stuff things might not work properly.
    • The system officially support only Autooptimize and Woocommerce but not anything else whereas our plugin supports a ton of 3rd party plugins
    • The only true benefits I can see here is that the system is claiming to cache 3rd party font requests like Google Fonts and instead of sending the request to Google server to fetch the font, Cloudflare will cache the font in it’s CDN server and serve it from there. But this you can already do with a little bit of work on your website. You can just serve the fonts from your own server and then in terms, those fonts get cached by Cloudflare as static files. So, nothing amazing there.
    • The customizability and extensibility that is provided by this plugin while achieving the same result for no cost are simply unmatched.
    • You can set this plugin up for any type of WordPress site and configure it the way you want. You can even use Cloudflare Workers to spice things up. You will have a disk-level fallback cache for those first few requests which are not yet cached by Cloudflare

    So, basically, the only feature that the service offer is caching 3rd party fonts at the CF CDN level, which you can do yourself by hosting the fonts locally.

    Hope this helps. 🙂



    @isaumya Thanks for the detailed explanation 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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