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    Hello everyone,

    [this is a cross post from main forums, since title suggests it definitely is MS issue (I am not sure), so noone answers over there]

    I’m on shared hosting, WP 4.4.1 MS w/ subsites.

    After the update of Jetpack to 3.8.0, I found that translations were missing. I was told that Jetpack had beed added to the translate project – and my locale (de_DE) was no longer shipped with the plugin files, since 100% completed.

    However, we could not find out why translations were not loaded automatically. So, I installed them manually and closed the case for the time being. But it seems I cannot ignore this any longer.

    Now I have another plugin, bbpress, which I would love to see translated automatically. But again, the translations do not load. And it seems I am far alone with this problem, since no search in the support forums turns up anyting on this.

    WordPress itself is translated, however, and when updating, I am sometimes notified of available translations. But no plugin translations are loaded automatically (I assume they would be put into wp-content/languages/plugins? Or are they loaded directly from, never even showing up in my FTP files?).

    Could this have anything to do with me running a MS installation? Interestingly, the network language remains English (US), even if I switch it to German in the Network settings. (I opened another thread on that.) And of the subsites some are in English, some in German. So, WordPress itself is translated alright (…on the subsites…), but with increasing numbers of translations removed from plugins, my problem will certainly not go away.

    Thanks for your efforts!

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  • It seems I finally found the answer: My MS root site language had been set to English; my main subsite (, where I had this problem, is set to German.

    So, after I had found out that the root site language determines the network language – whoever knows why -, I visited the updates page on my German subsite, and now finally all language updates were available to me. I just had twelve in one go. (Feeling slightly dizzy…)

    So there must be a bug in the new translations mechanism: Translations only load if the language of the root site matches the language of the subsite where translations are to be loaded at. Otherwise, they are ignored.

    And, sure enough, this bug is known for seven weeks now. Great.

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