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  • I have been searching various keyword plugins which integrate the keywords into the Meta Tag for WP. They all seem to work fine. However I still have to insert the keywords manually for each post.
    Is there a way (or plugin) that fill’s the keyword field in WP automatically with e.g.:
    – the most often used words within the post
    – individual words from the headline and post
    or differently.

    Would be great if anybody could point me to a solution.

    Thx in advance.

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  • There might be one, but keywords are tricky things. You probably use “the” and “most” and “there” a lot in your posts but do you want those as keywords? And the keywords also include variations on a theme. You may have words that are used over and over again in your post, but they are not the words you want and need in order to set the meta tag keywords values.

    Honestly, few search engines use meta tags. They do, however, use their own methods of checking keywords from your titles, links, image descriptions, and content, so high keyword concentrations there can do more for you than listing them in meta tags. WordPress comes so ready and open to search engines from the box, if the manual addition of keywords to your posts is tiresome, just let WordPress do its thing. It does it well.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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