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  • Does anyone know, if the feature of automatically linking to the image source (link url) can be turned off somewhere?

    During the upload od image files, I don’t want them to automatically link, and since I need to upload dozens of images, it absolutely pisses me off, when I need to click one additional button every time, to explicitely tell wordpress NOT to link to the source file as URL.

    Then I found out, that based on the pixel size of the image, wordpress automatically choses the option of ANOTHER SIZE (scaled) so I explicitely have to click back to “Original” which means another click.

    I have in fact, 2 more steps with WordPress 2.9, doing a routine job.

    Does anyone know, how to eliminate them?

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  • I have a similar issue.

    When I upload it puts the source of the image file on my server as the automatic link.

    But if I remove it and want to put a url to an offsite source, say the source where I copied the image from, when I press update the file, WP returns the original automatic link and erases my edit of the off site url…

    This worked fine in 2.8.6…why an update has to move us backwards, I don’t understand…

    auto linking is gone after i go to Settings->Media and click Save Change
    you can try

    sorry, this didn’t work in my case 🙁

    @lionc: Your solution worked perfectly, thanks!

    I’ve been struggling with this image problem since the release of 2.9, and I’m surprised that not too many people have said anything. I’m dealing with a WordPress site where a majority of the 10+ authors use the WYSIWYG editor–and never touch the HTML–so it became more and more frustrating to correct every single image posted.

    Worked for me too!

    This has not worked for me. Are there any changes made in the Media -> Settings window , or just “Save Changes” without changing anything?

    Here are some related trac links, though I can’t find the referenced functions in media.php in 2.9.1:
    function image_link_input_fields($post, $url_type = '') {

    Still no luck. All goes wrong whenever I click update. It was working fine earlier today because some of the posts I updated earlier are fine, but others have erased my new image URLs. I don’t get it.

    Having the same problem here – running WP2.9.1, can’t get the link URL to work.

    I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I’m trying to apply it to the post-thumbnail – introduced in WP2.9 – not to an image inserted into the post.

    Sorry? What are you trying to do with the post_thumbnail?

    I’m having the same problem.

    ‘Add Media’ -> ‘Gallery’ -> *media_item* -> ‘Link URL’ -> ‘Save all changes’

    – always defaults to either the file or post URL; I cannot save a custom URL in this field when trying to use the WP gallery feature to link my gallery thumbnails to external pages.

    I have updated wp-admin/includes/media.php to the latest trac version but no luck. Anybody have an idea as to what’s happening?

    The solution proposed didn’t worked for me… any ideas??

    I have had the same problem on 2 blogs using WP 2.9. I fixed it by going into Settings > Media and unchecking “Attempt to automatically embed all plain text URLs”. For whatever reason this worked. Seems like a bug to me.

    I’ve filed a bug about this issue here:

    The workaround (until this fixed) is to go into the HTML source, and remove the ‘rel=”attachment …”‘ attribute that you’ll find on the link tag.

    Broofa- Unfortunately that workaround only works on images placed in posts. It doesn’t fix the issue of the link URL changing within the media library itself.

    This is a problem for me to i want to use the new gallery function but i can not change the url as then revert right back no matter what i do.

    This is a big mess now as i have been doing this for every post and now it is not working.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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