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  • When I add an image through ‘Add Media’ and choose ‘Add from URL’, all it does is upload a full-sized image into the body of my text.

    I’d like it to automatically create a thumbnail of fixed proportions because I will have a few friends submitting articles and I think they could screw things up easily without it.

    I’m using Lightbox so that the images, if you click on them should automatically link to a full=sized image if available.

    I realize there are workarounds – such as copying the image locally then uploading it – then the resize functions become available.

    I also know that clicking the tree icon, you can specify size there – but there are no fixed proportions constraints plus it leaves the user to guess what size they should make an image.

    Is there a simple way to add a ‘make thumbnail’ every single time?

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  • I’m pretty excited to be using WordPress. I had used movabletpye long ago when you had to hook it in manually to a database. Recently, I’ve experimented with Joomla and it was too much.

    One reason I’ve settled on WordPress is the relative simplicity of everything. You can also extend it in so many other ways if so desired. I’m very happy overall, but I do have one major complaint.

    It’s the lack of community involvement/activity in this forum. It’s not a complaint about the people working on WordPress (they seem to be awesome people), but rather a complaint towards the community.

    I’ve never seen so many empty replies on posts in any other software forum. And I’m part of a lot of forums. I wish people here were a little less sporadic and a bit more helpful.

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