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    Hey Ash, I am trying out your plugin – good work by the way, looks very nice!

    I am using the php code to embed an ad-group to a specific place in my footer, but I want to automatically resize the images that show up there – since the client will upload large image of their customer’s ad and this can break the display!

    So any thoughts on the best way to achieve this without hacking your plugin?

    So far, I am playing around with this which works fine as it stands – but how to add timthumb onto this somehow?

    <?php if (function_exists(‘adkingpro’)) { do_shortcode(‘[adkingpro type=”footer-box-1″]’); } ?>

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  • Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi Iamhere,

    Thank you for your kind words about the plugin. I’m glad you like it.

    This has been something that I have been thinking about for a while now and think I have come up with a solution. In the coming versions there will be an ability to assign a size to advert space for an advert type. In turn this would create a thumbnail of the upload to the sizes set in the advert types.

    There is still a few things I need to work out before releasing this functionality.

    In the mean time, using CSS is a good way to ensure your adverts are the right size everytime. The plugin outputs specific code onto your page that allows you to assign css directly to it. Primarily the container has the class ‘adkingprobanner’ followed by the advert type name, using the default, ‘sidebar’ or in your case ‘footer-box-1’.

    You could assign CSS to this and force the image to the dimensions you require. For example:

    .adkingprobanner.footer-box-1 img {
         width: 300px;
         height: 250px;

    or if you would like the image to vary in height:

    .adkingprobanner.footer-box-1 img {
         width: 300px;
         height: inherit;

    Please note that the above CSS is not tested (or browser support tested) and may need to be tweaked to suit your situation. (The ‘inherit’ value is not supported by IE7 and below, IE8 requires the doctype to be set. A separate IE stylesheet could be set to handle your ads.)

    Hi Ash

    Yes, I am aware of the css method, however, I look into the plugin code to see if I can add the timthumb function.

    Some other feedback for you:
    1) your php code for use in template needs to be corrected it should read as this:
    <?php if (function_exists(‘adkingpro_func’)){ ?>
    <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[adkingpro]’); } ?>

    2) It would be useful to have a section in the custom post menu called reports for easy access to all running ads.

    3) It would also be nice (under Media Type?) to offer the ability to display a text block rather than an image

    4) Another idea is to offer rotating ads. The change on screen refresh is ok, but a rotating feature would be useful too.

    Just food for thought!

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi Iamhere,

    Thank you for those suggestions. I will take them all on board and they will be in future releases.

    Regarding your request for the menu item “Reports”, are you not referring to the menu item under Dashboard, “Ad King Pro Stats”?

    I’m slightly concerned in supporting timthumb with its past vulnerability issues. To be honest, I can’t actually find anywhere to download it to attempt to support it (I haven’t heard of it until now either), just plugins to fix its problems, which tells me its probably not worth me supporting it at this stage. If you would like to modify my plugin for your own uses, please feel free. Once it is proven that it is save to use, I would consider an implementation.

    I am currently working on a solution using the native wordpress image resize functions to better serve correct sized images which will be in future releases.

    Thanks for your input on this.

    Ash, just to let you know that timthumb is my recommendation – if you haven’t already found another solution.
    There were issues with security for timthumb version 1 – many moons ago, but timthumb version 2 (as it is now) is considered stable and secure and is used in many many sites, so I think you would be fine to use that if you needed to.

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi iamhere,

    Version 1.7 has just been released that uses the standard WP image generation for advert types. At this stage regarding image generation, this is where it will stop. Down the track, I may build an addon plugin for Ad King Pro that will give Tim Thumb support.

    I don’t want to build in any functionality that relies on other plugins out of my control. I’m sure you understand.

    Thanks mate.

    Just updated and all good. And thanks for the inclusion of the text advert possibility.

    RE images & Tim Thumb: OK fair enough. However, I was referring to the front end image size. Obviously users can achieve some reduction in size by using css, so that’s fine for most !

    .adkingprobanner img {
        max-height: 200px !important;
        max-width: 200px !important;
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