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    Does this automatically send emails to a customer once the product is back in stock? if so how regularly does it check for stock levels?

    I’ve just done a test and have waited 30 minutes and no notification have come through on email. On Word press is still says subscribed. I can see the stock level is now 4 and was 0 when subscribed. It is a simple product using woocommerce. Any ideas?

    Also another question, Does this keep sending emails when products go in and out of stock?


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  • Indeed.
    I am using this plugin and looks great, BUT it does not send email automatically when a product is back in stock

    @panon @matthewparsley

    Did you guys get this working? Not sending emails for me either.

    I’ve tried so so many of these plugins, I just cant seem to find one that works!

    @vovi no i am not and still no answer from the developer. Unfortunately it looks like abandoned plugin.

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    Hello @panon @vovi,

    Good Day !!!

    We’re here to assist you with this one.

    Could you please tell us how you update stock in woocommerce? if you’re using any third party stock management then our plugin may not work as expected.

    Could you please troubleshoot the issue by following the below steps
    1. We record each action associated with sending email part – you can easily check the details associated for the corresponding product upon stock change – Go to Admin Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs -> Top Right Dropdown (prefix contain back-in-stock-notifier with latest date) check that one and see if automatic email part triggered?
    2. If you update stock status from out of stock to in-stock/ stock quantity from 0 to any will trigger automatic email – those information automatically record in log as well.
    3. If sending mail has failed then check if any plugin create conflicts as we use woocommerce api to send mail – we suggest you to try deactivate all other plugins except woocommerce and our back in stock notifier to see mailing works properly(just for temporary purpose – don’t try this in live)

    If you encounter the same issue then please open a new support ticket.

    Let us know.


    I have a connection with a third party ERP that updates the stock in database directly.
    In another installation i have a wp-all import implementation.

    Both are not sending emails when stock is back online.


    I have revisited this plugin and it’s working great now. My only issue is that the admin menu ‘Instock Notifier’ is only visible to administrators.

    Is it possible to also make it visible to Shop Managers which is pretty essential?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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