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Can We Get An Automatic Downgrade To 2.7.1 Script To Fix 2.8 Issues

  • Hi folks at WP.

    Is there anyway that you could trot out the old script to do an automatic upgrade to 2.7 so that those of us that have problems with 2.8 can get our sites back up and running again without trying to do it manually?

    There are a lot of Newbies that don’t have a clue and even if you do it is kind of a pain to do it manually.

    It would be a big help! Would anyone else like to have the script too?


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  • Amen!

    Me too

    Also, might want to put a “Go Back To Previous Version” below the Automatic Upgrade button in the future. Just a thought….

    me too
    fix the 2.8 or let us downgrade

    If you guys screwed up the ‘upgrade to 2.8’ button, what’s to make you think you won’t screw up the ‘downgrade to 2.7’ button? 😛

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    me too
    fix the 2.8 or let us downgrade

    Sigh. It’s your blog, no one is preventing anyone from rolling back. What I think the problem is that folks don’t backup and know how to restore it.

    If the automatic upgrade fails try the old fashioned way.

    If you are having problems with 2.8 and can’t/won’t/don’t know how to roll back to 2.7.1 then it’s problem solving 101:

    Back up your files and database.


    Disable all your plugins and see if that does it. If it does then start putting them back one at a time until you find the poison pill.

    Switch to the default theme. If that solves your problem then you may need to update or replace your theme.

    If it works, cool. If not restore your files and database backup.

    LOL Pretty sure it is the fact that the button is there in the first place that is causing the issue. It seems everyone can use the button just fine and did not screw up that part at all, it is just what is attached to it that is the issue.

    You have 100,000’s of newbies that hit the upgrade automatically button thinking that everything is going to be OK, and they trust WP in that with good reason.

    There should be big flashing red screen that says, “This May Make Your Website Completely Inoperable” Please go down and hit the export button, and then back up your system. Click here for a quick video on how to do this”

    If The New And Improved Version 2.29999 Hoses Up Your Site, Click On This Button To Go Back The The Previous Version That You Were Using…

    What are we talking here? Half a day or day of coding if that?

    I think WP is great, but a little logic toward friendly use would go a long way. There are lots and lots of newbies and even not so newbies using WP which again is great for the most part and all of them depend on WP to do things right. And while you can’t program for every contingency you can do what I just suggested.

    The problem is that now one is screwing up the ‘upgrade to 2.8’ button, the problem is that they using the button just fine. 🙂

    “Making a program that works is easy, making one that won’t get broken is a lot harder” – Andrew Anderson

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    It’s a little more cumbersome then that.

    Work it through for a minute and imagine that 2.5, 2.5.1, 2.6, 2.6.1, 2.6.2, 2.6.3, 2.6.5 (.4 got skipped due to evil people), 2.7, 2.7.1, and finally 2.8 all had the upgrade button. Let that sink in while thinking about the current users who clicked from 2.7.1 to 2.8.

    Now imagine that each of those releases had the magic downgrade button too. Take a moment, find your center of calm, breath and med-i-tate.

    Still with me? Now support users who have admin rights, don’t read the instructions, and push buttons and want support and they keep hitting the upgrade or downgrade button.

    The thought of that alone would get me to cancel my forum account.

    Hosting your own blog is not for the weak of heart. You must develop some system admin skills to make sure that you can restore your backups, troubleshoot PHP and web server problems, and put everything back to the way it was. Patching releases is in that too and not just WordPress. The Apache, Mysql, and PHP components need to be maintained.

    That’s what it means to host your own blog, you get the liberty of doing what you want but you also get the responsibility.

    The automatic upgrade is nice and works for most people (really does). But it does not let people off the hook for admining and maintaining their installation.

    I agree they should fix it or downgrade, what even worse is that we have no respond from the wordpress guys about this massive failure.

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    You should read the existing responses and do the work. No one will fix your blog except you.

    We get that @jdembowski… but your responses aren’t helping people who are already stressed out about this situation.

    I am not looking for a white knight to swoop in and fix it.

    I DID do everything that you keep saying should have been done. I’m not WP expert, but I’m not a newbie either. So If I’m having problems, I can’t imagine how people new to it are feeling.

    Last I checked, this was a “SUPPORT” forum.

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    Last I checked, this was a “SUPPORT” forum.

    You’re right, my last response was a little terse and this is a support forum. My bad.

    my hat is off to you @jdembowski, for the response. No worries ;0)

    I’ve seen tweets from dozens of ppl who just went ahead and upgraded. You have to admit that when the dashboard comes up with a button that says “Please Update Now” that WordPress is prompting users – which they probably shouldn’t do until a 2.8.1 is released. Let the power users, the ones who know about backing up and restoring, get the release manually or use the automatic upgrade plugin to grab it and test first..

    IMHO, there really should be a rollback feature that backups all tables and files to a zip somewhere and is able to restore an installation using them if a new version breaks a blog. Individual site operators have enough to worry about in regards to the design and maintenance of their site …

    Amazing to me that so many people don’t do due diligence when upgrading. Make a database backup and backup your folders. Then.. guess what? You have a magical “downgrade to previous version” button!

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