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Can We Get An Automatic Downgrade To 2.7.1 Script To Fix 2.8 Issues (29 posts)

  1. Andrew "Easy" Anderson
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi folks at WP.

    Is there anyway that you could trot out the old script to do an automatic upgrade to 2.7 so that those of us that have problems with 2.8 can get our sites back up and running again without trying to do it manually?

    There are a lot of Newbies that don't have a clue and even if you do it is kind of a pain to do it manually.

    It would be a big help! Would anyone else like to have the script too?


  2. listeningmothers
    Posted 7 years ago #


  3. colinsp
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Me too

  4. Andrew "Easy" Anderson
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Also, might want to put a "Go Back To Previous Version" below the Automatic Upgrade button in the future. Just a thought....

  5. quichotte
    Posted 7 years ago #

    me too
    fix the 2.8 or let us downgrade

  6. wolfdogg
    Posted 7 years ago #

    If you guys screwed up the 'upgrade to 2.8' button, what's to make you think you won't screw up the 'downgrade to 2.7' button? :P

  7. me too
    fix the 2.8 or let us downgrade

    Sigh. It's your blog, no one is preventing anyone from rolling back. What I think the problem is that folks don't backup and know how to restore it.

    If the automatic upgrade fails try the old fashioned way.

    If you are having problems with 2.8 and can't/won't/don't know how to roll back to 2.7.1 then it's problem solving 101:

    Back up your files and database.


    Disable all your plugins and see if that does it. If it does then start putting them back one at a time until you find the poison pill.

    Switch to the default theme. If that solves your problem then you may need to update or replace your theme.

    If it works, cool. If not restore your files and database backup.

  8. Andrew "Easy" Anderson
    Posted 7 years ago #

    LOL Pretty sure it is the fact that the button is there in the first place that is causing the issue. It seems everyone can use the button just fine and did not screw up that part at all, it is just what is attached to it that is the issue.

    You have 100,000's of newbies that hit the upgrade automatically button thinking that everything is going to be OK, and they trust WP in that with good reason.

    There should be big flashing red screen that says, "This May Make Your Website Completely Inoperable" Please go down and hit the export button, and then back up your system. Click here for a quick video on how to do this"

    If The New And Improved Version 2.29999 Hoses Up Your Site, Click On This Button To Go Back The The Previous Version That You Were Using...

    What are we talking here? Half a day or day of coding if that?

    I think WP is great, but a little logic toward friendly use would go a long way. There are lots and lots of newbies and even not so newbies using WP which again is great for the most part and all of them depend on WP to do things right. And while you can't program for every contingency you can do what I just suggested.

    The problem is that now one is screwing up the 'upgrade to 2.8' button, the problem is that they using the button just fine. :)

    "Making a program that works is easy, making one that won't get broken is a lot harder" - Andrew Anderson

  9. It's a little more cumbersome then that.

    Work it through for a minute and imagine that 2.5, 2.5.1, 2.6, 2.6.1, 2.6.2, 2.6.3, 2.6.5 (.4 got skipped due to evil people), 2.7, 2.7.1, and finally 2.8 all had the upgrade button. Let that sink in while thinking about the current users who clicked from 2.7.1 to 2.8.

    Now imagine that each of those releases had the magic downgrade button too. Take a moment, find your center of calm, breath and med-i-tate.

    Still with me? Now support users who have admin rights, don't read the instructions, and push buttons and want support and they keep hitting the upgrade or downgrade button.

    The thought of that alone would get me to cancel my forum account.

    Hosting your own blog is not for the weak of heart. You must develop some system admin skills to make sure that you can restore your backups, troubleshoot PHP and web server problems, and put everything back to the way it was. Patching releases is in that too and not just WordPress. The Apache, Mysql, and PHP components need to be maintained.

    That's what it means to host your own blog, you get the liberty of doing what you want but you also get the responsibility.

    The automatic upgrade is nice and works for most people (really does). But it does not let people off the hook for admining and maintaining their installation.

  10. ra0520
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I agree they should fix it or downgrade, what even worse is that we have no respond from the wordpress guys about this massive failure.

  11. You should read the existing responses and do the work. No one will fix your blog except you.

  12. karlaarcher
    Posted 7 years ago #

    We get that @jdembowski... but your responses aren't helping people who are already stressed out about this situation.

    I am not looking for a white knight to swoop in and fix it.

    I DID do everything that you keep saying should have been done. I'm not WP expert, but I'm not a newbie either. So If I'm having problems, I can't imagine how people new to it are feeling.

    Last I checked, this was a "SUPPORT" forum.

  13. Last I checked, this was a "SUPPORT" forum.

    You're right, my last response was a little terse and this is a support forum. My bad.

  14. karlaarcher
    Posted 7 years ago #

    my hat is off to you @jdembowski, for the response. No worries ;0)

  15. schmitty23
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I've seen tweets from dozens of ppl who just went ahead and upgraded. You have to admit that when the dashboard comes up with a button that says "Please Update Now" that WordPress is prompting users - which they probably shouldn't do until a 2.8.1 is released. Let the power users, the ones who know about backing up and restoring, get the release manually or use the automatic upgrade plugin to grab it and test first..

    IMHO, there really should be a rollback feature that backups all tables and files to a zip somewhere and is able to restore an installation using them if a new version breaks a blog. Individual site operators have enough to worry about in regards to the design and maintenance of their site ...

  16. wolfdogg
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Amazing to me that so many people don't do due diligence when upgrading. Make a database backup and backup your folders. Then.. guess what? You have a magical "downgrade to previous version" button!

  17. Andrew "Easy" Anderson
    Posted 7 years ago #

    The whole issue is that WP like it or not got a whole lot of people to trust that they knew more than they did about their own product and told them " Do this now, it is OK, It's us at WP" every time they logged into admin.

    Kind of like the commercial going on now where they guy asks the two 5 year old little girls if they want a pony. The ones say yes, and he hands that one a plastic one and then he asks the other one if she wants one, and of course she says yes, then he makes a click, click noise and out walks a real pony.

    The other little girl looks at him and he says, well you did not ask for a real pony, like it was her fault not knowing the exact right question to ask. Then something along the lines, even children know when something is not fair or something like that.

    I am not saying anyone associated with WP is evil like that and I am sure that they are probably really good guys and gals. They have to be to put out a great product like WP.

    But them mentality of trying to blame the people that trusted WP to put out a product that was safe, is probably part of what caused the issue in the first place.

    Programmers as whole, are usually terrible at practical issues when it comes to the people that actually have to use their product. I know, I have had them working for me for over two decades. If you ever want to find out the why and the what, go read a book called "People Pattern Power" if you really want to understand the psychology behind it.

    That being said, again, with about a days worth of programming, they can come up with a script that backs ups the version they are using, and be able to go back to it no questions asked. This is not all that hard. Besides you have some really bright people working on this project.

    The bottom line is the 2.8 is hosed, and they should do something about it ASAP and take the auto upgrade down until things are truly fixed.

    And most importantly they need to give people that have had their sites put out of commission because they trusted WP, a fix to go back to 2.7.1 as easily as WP gave them an option to break their site in the first place by saying "Do this now, it is OK, It's us at WP".

    This is unarguably the right thing to do, even if 2.8 is the greatest thing since sliced white bread. It will make WP even that much better.

    We will have to see if someone steps up to the plate on this one or not. I really hope that they do. Stay tuned I guess.

  18. teknics
    Posted 7 years ago #

    What concerns me is regarding plugins - my only current symptom that I can see is that my dashboard is having issues. I had no display on the right half of the dash and found several plugins that do not seem to be compatible.

    The thing that irks me is that they are well known widely used plugins. For me these are the ones that do not seem to be compatible:

    Google Analytics
    Google XML Sitmaps
    Twitter Tools
    Add Meta

    So obviously these plugins when used in conjunction to another one are affecting whatever new javascript is being used in the display of the admin panel.

    I know I can downgrade without an issue, but it's really frustrating.

    Edit: After some tinkering, only when I activate these plugins do I experience an issue. I got a majority of the important plugins to work properly.

  19. cincyknight
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Well, I'm one of the brand new people who didn't realize all of this before I hit the upgrade button. However, I did backup my files prior to the upgrade. And then I backed up again afterwards (if I remember correctly).

    I found my backup-file and the option to restore, but I might just be restoring what I've already got. I admit that I didn't read all of the "Getting Started" materials before I jumped in and started putting my blog together (not sure if it talks about how to back and restore there or not). But, maybe the WP should offer some type of warning (like: Back up first before you upgrade and do not back up again until you make sure your upgrade is working correctly).

    I've only had minor problems so far, but if anything is broken, I either have to wait for the next upgrade to fix the bugs, or I have to figure out how to fix the problem on my own. I guess it's a good lesson, but possible harsh consequences for those of us who didn't know.

  20. bfields1
    Posted 7 years ago #

    As one of those newbies I certainly felt powerless when 2.8 trashed my blog . . .at least the WYSIWYG editor. That was the problem I was suffering, and I read that many others shared the same fate. Getiing the script to downgrade would be a magical cure, otherwise the procedure which doesn't look too complicated, nonetheless, requires several steps where errors could be made. So I have found a fix which worked perfetly for me.

    I installed the wp-insert which you can download here: http://smartlogix.co.in/category/wordpress/ You can replace the standard wp editor with this little script and it now only solves the problem but also provides some very excellent editoing tools you would not have had prior.

    I hope some of you find this useful.

  21. But them mentality of trying to blame the people that trusted WP to put out a product that was safe, is probably part of what caused the issue in the first place.

    Oh, for goodness sakes. I'm trying to stay on a technical basis and help but the mentality of denying your own responsibility is too much for my pre-coffee state of mind.

    I know how frustrating it is for new users or even experienced users who are have problems. I get it, I honestly do. And like most people here I want to help and get people back and running as it's just a plain good community thing to do.

    But using WordPress.ORG self hosted blog software does require two things: one that the person running the software be responsible and maintain his or her software, and that that administrator at least have competent backups of their blog files and database. That part is not really rocket science and is a great escape parachute for when things go horribly wrong. And it works so you'll get that "Whoa, thank goodness I had that safety escape" moment.

    That responsibility (and flexibility) is why you run this software. If you wanted to have someone else do it, you'd use WordPress.COM or some other service that handles the back end software for you.

    If anything needs to change, it should be that the automatic upgrade link ask the end user if they really have a good backup and restore strategy ready as a "just in case". And then when they click yes, make them answer a random quadratic equation properly, by entering the correct value of X.

    For folks who are still having 2.8 problems, there are some good places to look regarding self help starting with MichaelH's 2.8 FAQ and recently a neat adjustment with a plugin fix.

    These are not always bullet proof and has not apparently solved everyone's problems. But if you post the technical details someone may step up with a "Hey this is how I fixed it".

    Good luck.

  22. whooami
    Posted 7 years ago #

    The bottom line is the 2.8 is hosed, and they should do something about it ASAP and take the auto upgrade down until things are truly fixed.

    this is almost laughable. do you have any idea how many people use wordpress? I think you lack context.

    this is just more of the normal "i cant upgrade" stuff that always happens. take it from someone that has been on these forums since 1.5.x

    it always happens.

    and, fwiw, millions of sites are running wordpress. the posts on these forums are ALWAYS going to make things appear as if things are "hosed". this is a support forum, after all, not a place for people to check in after everything goes just fine.

  23. fanvid
    Posted 7 years ago #

    well i've been here just as long @whooami and its the first time i've had these many different problems with wordpress, i've got loads of wordpress installs, but after the initial 3 different failures, in wordpress installs in different servers and settings/customs, i'm holding out for the rest of the updates, 2 of them i think were plugin related, cause most functions seem to be working right (after disabling some plugins), another was just a bad automatic update (i blame it on 2.7.1 automatic update and not really the 2.8 release) and had to do a manual upgrade to fix it, so the 3 of them are apparently working fine, i put emphasis on "apparently" cause when stuff starts breaking in so many different ways, something is apparently wrong, ohh and downplaying these problems is just as useless as complaining about it...

    regarding the automatic rollback, humm seems more like bloat and difficult to sustain in the long run, backing up everything before doing any update is the best/quickest course of action (besides having backups is always a good idea), also i think wordpress automatic update does warn users to backup everything before starting the automatic update, and if a user forgot to backup (and something went terribly wrong) he can always contact their host to see if they have a older backup of the account, never hurts to ask.

  24. Anonymous
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Me too, i would like downgrade, there are more bugs every days... !

  25. HappyApple
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I noticed that a a lot of people have tried to upgrade to 2.8 and end up getting errors, myself included.

    If you want to downgrade from 2.8, just use the manual "upgrade method" with an archive of your previous wordpress version. (Whatever you had before trying to upgrade.) You can find a link to them in the download section.

    I know this works because I've done this several times now while trying to my blog updated. Comes up with the same error. that "default-widgets.php on line 15" Tried disabling all plugins and still didn't work.

    Hope this help you all to restore your blogs.

    -HappyApple (Sorta, I still want to have 2.8 :P )


    I just read a topic with a post on how a user was able to upgrade: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/278621/page/2

    It reminded me, that's the same way I had to do it in order to upgrade from 2.6 to 2.7. Download the zip and replace everything except wp-content and wp-config.php (However I think what I did was replace everything. went through the wizard and re-uploaded my themes and plugins.)

    I try this later on my blog and see if it works for me.
    Good luck to you all and upgading!


  26. HappyApple
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Just to let you all know I tested the method I described above and IT DOES WORK! :D I now have the latest WP 2.8. So far everything works fine, theme, plugins, etc.

    So Hope this works out for all of you too. ;)

    Good luck!

    - (Very) HappyApple :P

  27. Robert Wetzlmayr, PHP-Programmierer
    Posted 7 years ago #

    As the tight release of WordPress 2.8.1 shows, it's quite advisable to wait a few days befor jumping the gun upon a new release. Expecting a downgrade option from the WordPress folks is very wishful thinking - how would they justify the development efforts?

  28. JaxAce
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I had to rollback when, I started getting white pages (WP 2.8.6). I have a WP 2.5 blog theme using a WP Cpanel 2.7.1 and want to keep it. I think my theme can't handle these continuous massive upgrades. It's like a car that's starting to sway when you reach maximum speed overdrive.

    This may help if you're using are want rollback back to WP 2.7.1

    Helpful links...
    White pages problem:hacktrix.com

    Rollback: techie-buzz.com

    Security Plugins: weblogtoolcollection.com

    Be sure to consult with your host service provider if you're unsure of issues.

    P.S. The funny thing is, when I rolled back, the spam decreased. But when I upgrade, the spam increases. I don't know why. Somethings going on...

  29. kadey02
    Posted 6 years ago #

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