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  • Hello,

    A lot of banks now support automatic deposit of E-Transfers; No password or question required.

    Can functionality be added to this plugin to monitor the payments coming into the payment email account and automatically change the status of the order to paid?

    Logic wise, the plugin would connect to the inbox and monitor inbound emails. When one comes in from, the contents are scanned for an Order number. Maybe have an option that if the order number was not found in the sender notes, cross-reference the sending name with current on-hold orders for the same name. If the order is found, mark it as Paid and notify the admin.
    If a match can not be made, notify the admin.

    Would this be possible to implement?

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  • Without a proper secure API implemented on the banks end, such a system would be vulnerable to spoofing. (Someone could just send a fake email without paying)

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    Wouldn’t be possible to spoof, no. The confirmation email comes from, which has a hardened SPF record. Just need to check the SPF/sending server.

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