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  • I run a scuba club website, and I’m trying to redesign it to use WP, using the Viewlevels plugin to seperate paid-up club members from the general public.
    I want to be able to publish members-only documents (e.g. meeting minutes, club accounts, etc.) into an .htaccess-protected directory, but I don’t want to have to maintain the .htpasswd file manually.
    From what I’ve read, it seems that the user login and passwords in WP could be used to create a .htpasswd file (since they both require MD5 encryption) – could someone with a bit more knowledge confirm this?
    Assuming I’m correct, it would be nice if there were an API hook to intercept the $usertable record whenever it’s updated – that way, I could write a plugin which would intercept the record, and use it to update the .htpasswd file.

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  • nstead


    OK, Since no-one’s replied, let’s ask a couple of specific questions:

    • Does anyone know whether the user ids and passwords in the user table could be used to create a .htpasswd file to control access to a directory?
    • Which admin .php file(s) would I need to add a hook into, so that I could write a routine which gets called whenever a password is changed?


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