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  • I’ve enabled the “Hold stock (for unpaid orders) for x minutes”, and set it to hold a stocked item for 5 minutes in case a buyer is in the process of ordering it.

    I started a checkout transaction as a demo1 user. Instead of checking out, I went back to the user dashboard. In the user dashboard, the pending order was created, and the user has the option to view, cancel, or go back and pay for the order.

    In the Order admin section, I also see that an order was created when the demo user proceeded to the payment page; but the order is pending.

    I purposely left the initial stock of the item at 1, and logged inas a demo2 user, on a different machine to order that very said item, but I got a cart notification that there wasn’t enough of it to order (because it was being help by demo1).

    After 5 minutes, demo1’s order isn’t automatically cancelled inside Woocommerce’s admin (as set in the hold stock management option), and the stock is still held after 7 hours.

    Woocommerce is not canceling the order automatically as it should. Any idea on how to get this working, or anywhere to troubleshoot?

    Running WC 2.0.10.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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