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  1. mcgeorge40
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am very desperate here. I let my hosting expire with GoDaddy-- just for a few days-- and now they say they want to charge me $100 to "restore" it.

    I am a student and don't have the money. The blog as been up for 5 years and is an important wealth of information for cancer patients.

    I had a plugin installed, that sent me an automatic backup once per week that came from the email wordpress@(mydomain).com

    The email looked like this:

    Attached to this email is
    Size:544 kilobytes

    That's all it said.

    I am very desperate right now. I cannot remember the name of the plugin, and I've been searching through plugins through my dashboard and with Google, and nothing looks familiar.

    I am not very technical and was really hoping to find a plug-in to handle this.

    I'm absolutely sick to my stomach right now, so any help with this matter is greatly appreciated. Ideally, I would figure out the original plugin I used...

  2. There are a number of plug-ins that send you a backup of the database, for example:


    That's all it does though - the backup. Once you have the backup you can restore it on a new WordPress installation - you don't need the plug-in to do the restore - just follow these instructions:


  3. mcgeorge40
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi zoonini--

    I appreciate the help. I tried using myPhpAdmin and I get the following error:

    SQL query:

    # WordPress MySQL database backup
    # Generated: Friday 6. May 2011 17:36 UTC
    # Hostname: h50mysql127.secureserver.net
    # Database: karens2
    # --------------------------------------------------------
    # --------------------------------------------------------
    # Table: wp_commentmeta
    # --------------------------------------------------------
    # Delete any existing table wp_commentmeta
    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wp_commentmeta ;

    MySQL said:

    #1046 - No database selected

    I have no idea what that means. Do you?

    Thank you again.

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