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  • As a developer I have clients coming to me asking me to create web sites and I’m wondering if there’s software that exists where I can take a base copy of wordpress with all the plugins I use then click a button and have it clone that copy, create a configuration script and install a pre-configured WordPress install with plugins activated and all.

    Does that exist?

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  • The most convenient solution I could think of is: simply copy the plugins’ folders to wp-content/plugins/, then zip wordpress/ again.

    For a new client, upload your own zipped wordpress/ and install it. Then go to the plugins admin menu and bulk-activate the plugins.

    Each plugin will have to be activated on the new site. It can’t be pre-activated because the plugins may have to perform tasks on activation that are particular to the server, domain, URL, etc. That’s why this has to be done manually…

    Is it possible to create a script where once WordPress is installed it can auto install the plugins?

    Another solution I was reading was to set up your clients under a blog network using the new MU feature in 3.1 then using a custom domain plugin.

    How about this:

    Create your own plugin that configures WordPress and installs other plugins programmatically. Now the question is: how does your plugin get activated automatically?

    How about this: in functions.php of TwentyTen hook into “init”, and activate your plugin there (if it’s not already active). This should only be a few lines of code in functions.php. Your plugin takes care of the rest of the configs and installs.

    The MultiSite solution sounds good, but in this case you’ll be the real owner of the sites — not your clients. You’ll be responsible for them even after project delivery. This could be a business opportunity, though. Charge clients a subscription fee in exchange for keeping their websites always up to date, optimized, and secure. But, in this case, you’ll have to look into how to handle requests of withdrawal from your network — you may find yourself again compelled to create an automation script for that 😛

    Like what M.K. said, it can all be done in functions.php. How does that get activated? It could be as simple as switching themes to run a script, or auto-install the plugin to do the work..

    I am wanting to write the same thing. I have about 10 plugins I install all the time when I install WP. For example, I use a backup plugin that I use and I would love for that to automatically be setup to email the backups to

    Anyway, I have no solution, but I’m willing to explore further and start writing. Email me (or private msg me) so I can find out more of your needs so this can be written for more than my needs.




    @2046 that’s great. I also found something like this:

    But it’s not quite exactly what I’m looking for. I’m sooo close to finding what I need. Ultimately if I had a multisite install with a membership plugin for people to sign up to create their own websites and I could map those domains to their custom domains that would be excellent.


    Just setup WordPress Multisite, install Gravity Forms and their User Registration and PayPal add-ons. Then swing by and get a copy of their New Blog Templates plugin. Finally, grab a copy of the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin.

    Gravity Forms and their add-ons actually allow you to have clients pay to setup a site on your multisite install and the site is disabled when a subscription is cancelled. A membership plugin could also work, but Gravity Forms is handy for all sorts of things and everyone should have a copy of it. Personally, I use their MailChimp add-on all the time.

    The New Blog Templates plugin allows you to copy over themes, plugins, content, etc and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

    The WordPres MU Domain Mapping plugin will allow you to do all your domain mapping and Otto has a great guide on how to get WordPress domain mapping setup properly.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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