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  • Goodvalley


    Didn’t really expect I would be rating this to only one star, but this is simply confusing and unacceptable. I’ll explain.

    According to the EU law, the merchant is expected to give proof of two different methods of reasonably stating where the customer is located to be able to tax him/her. Again, this is legally compulsory.

    The purpose of this plugin should be (and in theory is) to get rid of some of the burden and complexity of this problem.

    But here’s the problem: when set to ‘Disable automated taxes’, the merchant will be responsible of setting every tax and VAT rate, which makes sense. When set to ‘Enable automated taxes’, then the system sets the ‘Calculate tax based on’ setting to the ‘Customer shipping address’ option and then locks it down.

    This makes no sense since the merchant has very few possible proof of locating the customer, and the main one is being able to know which is the Billing Address (not the Shipping Address).

    In fact, the plugin’s documentation states this very clearly and very specifically, and the reason is very clear: because it is a very important legal issue.

    But there’s another reason to rate this plugin with only one star: what is the point of having the option to Enter Prices inclusive of Tax if this gets invalidated when you choose to Enable automated taxes?

    This is, theorically, the only purpose of this plugin, to automate these things and make them transparent and seamless to the vendor/WooCommerce user.

    We merchants can try to live with only having prices exclusive of tax and then adding the tax (through doing the calculations by ourselves instead of having the plugin doing those calculations), but the plugin must allow the merchant to get the Billing address right.

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