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  • Hey Folks!

    I think I asked this question months ago but never got down to an answer. Maybe we can figure it out now!

    I want to be able to set a cron job up to re-post the same article over and over again for as long as I want. (yes, I am a bit nutty) I have tried this several ways but haven’t discovered how to yet. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts?

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  • Well if you don’t find an automatic method, you could save the post over and over with a different timestamp for each.

    But, instead of that, why not just use the static front page ability?


    Thank you for your reply. However, I am not interested in a static front page. I have a static front page already. I truely just want to “re-post the same article over and over again”.

    Setting a time stamp is not sufficient because after a post has been posted it wont repost. I need something that will repost indefinitely.

    I meant, just publish the same content, over and over and over and over and over, but use a different timestamp on each post.

    That’s what would be called a ‘brute force solution’ 😉

    Yes, MichaelH, I understood what you meant. However, thats not going to work, I am talking about reposting the same post several hundred or thousand times. Not just 20 or even 50. This is why I need an automated system.

    Hmmm….it seems as if that plugin just recyles old posts. I am looking for something that could create a new post.

    Heres a theory that I haven’t had a chance to try out yet:

    1. I set up the post by email function. with a Cron that will check the email every hour.
    2. I write a small PHP script (post-email.php) outside of wp, that can send the post to my blog’s email address.
    3. I setup a second cron job that can run “post-email.php” every hour.

    What ya think? Will that work?

    I have exactly the same need. We have a group blog and put up an open thread every night at 6:00 pm. It’s a major hassle to cut, paste, edit timestamp, save for more than a week in advance.

    Any suggestions other than the cron job/email one?


    I haven’t found anything for this yet, but at the same time I quit looking about 8 months ago! Eventually what I did was ask myself why I wanted to do this and then I came up with a better alternative. One reason that I would advise you to do the same, is because the there are a few issues involving duplicate postings that may interfere with your rankings in Google or other search engines. I am not sure if this matters to you, but it did to me, therefore I thought of something different.

    Thanks – there’s got to be a way to automate this. I’ll figure out something.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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