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    I currently use an affiliate plugin on our site that provides users with a query string URL formatted as follows:


    some-page is our affiliate registration page which is a hidden page on our site that you can’t find unless someone provides you with the URL.

    Is there a way with your plugin that our affiliates could automatically use:


    And it would redirect them to the correct URL?

    Or is it the case that we would have to enter each new affiliate as a custom link?


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    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    URL Shortify doesn’t generate dynamic pretty links.

    There is a feature called Parameter Forwarding using which you can forward the parameter to the target URL.

    So, if you can generate the short link like https://ourdomain.com/abcd?aff_pro=username and if you have set the target URL like https://ourdomain.com/some-page, it will automatically be redirected to https://ourdomain.com/some-page?aff_pro=username

    BTW, would like to know how would you distribute the short link to your affiliates? Is it somewhere in WordPress Affiliate Dashboard or via email or via some other mechanism?

    Hope that helps.

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