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    Hi wayen ,
    First thanks for this great plugin …

    I have everything set up and the plugin work fine on manual posting but not on automated .

    I followed instruction of older forum threads and chekced my webpage frequently but unfortunately it is not automatically updating.
    I found this entrance on the wp codex and wnated to ask you if this
    is a necessary entry to make the plugin work atuomatic …

    Thanks in advance

    Automated Browser Activation

    An alternative to manual browser activation is to add the following iframe code to the footer of your blog:

    <iframe src=”http://yourblogdomain/wordpressinstalldir/wp-mail.php” name=”mailiframe” width=”0″ height=”0″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” title=””></iframe>

    Edit the above line of code so that it refers to the location of your wp-mail.php file. Add this line of code to the footer.php file in the directory for whatever theme you are using (don’t include it within an HTML paragraph).

    You may have to refresh your blog to see the new post. New users may find this method the most helpful.

    If you’re using or would like to use the Postie Plugin for WordPress, use the following iframe code, which will call Postie’s check mail commands:

    <iframe src=”http://yourblogdomain/wordpressinstalldir/wp-content/plugins/postie/get_mail.php?Submit=Run+Postie” name=”mailiframe” width=”0″ height=”0″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” title=””> </iframe>

    Add this code to your footer, and the next time anyone goes to your blog, your new emails will be automatically posted, so you need to do nothing but send them. You may have to refresh the blog to see the changes.

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