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  • I have an archive of PDF files that I would like to automatically create posts for. They are contained in directories that directly relate to the categories I want on my blog. The file title will suffice for the post subject and I’m happy to got through later and add body text to the post to describe the pdf file.

    Is there a tool that will help me quickly create posts based on these file uploads?

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  • You would probably have to write your own script, using php or perl or something.

    Has anyone made any progress with this? Is there somewhere a guide on how to automate the post creation?

    In my case I have several hundreds of “remaindered links” I have been creating over the years and I want to create weekly posts grouping all of these together and then later have wp-cron do the same in the future. This way those that want to subscribe only to the posts RSS can get the digest of all links after a week and they’d be searchable as well for the archives.

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