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  • I did all the changes to htaccess and wp-config files and setup the network and all seems to be working on the surface, except the automated portion of the process. I can create sites as super-admin no problem works like a charm but not in an automated mode where a user creates their blog via the little wizard. The wizard runs fine, but the email never seems to show up.
    Don’t quite know how to troubleshoot, or fix.

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  • You may get better help if you post in the Multisite forum, for specific help with blog networks. 🙂


    Tracking this down. It appears as if comcast and hotamil are blocking the verification messages, though Host Gator says the ip address is not blocked.

    Comcast is notorious for blocking emails. So is hotmail.

    The email comes from nobody on the box you’re installed on. this isn’t a wordpress issue or a multisite issue. If you do a Reverse DNS record, that will be the most you can do to “fix” it.

    Yes, I know (now) it’s not a wordpress issue. On the phone with the wonderful folks at Comcast right now. Thanks for the support. This is obviously something that will be a big problem as there are sure to be customers (with a comcast email account) who are are going to want a site but then be frustrated because they didn’t receive their activation message and think that I’m the problem.

    What is interesting (that I’ve learned) is this.
    After not receiving the message and not finding the site or the user listed when I logged in as super-admin I did not see the site, or the user listed (which would be expected since activation hadn’t occurred). Based on this I thought that there was an error in the process, or setup, so I tried to create the site again using the same email address and was told that I could not because the site name and the email address were already reserved for someone else. That was cool. So, I logged back in as super-admin to see if there was somewhere through the dashboard (that I wasn’t seeing previously) that gave an accounting of currently reserved sites and apparently there is no. I did verify the user and the related data to be present in the database, so I guess I’m wondering if I missed something here in terms of getting visibility of ‘reserved’ sites/users etc. It would be a ‘nice to have’ feature.

    The site is in limbo as you haven’t recived the activation email. Which you previously stated. 🙂 So it’s waiting to be activated before it can work.

    You still need to set up reverse dns on your server. This is a long term issue, and I’m pretty sure Comcast will tell you the same. 🙂 (that you need to set up the reverse dns so they don;t junk the mail that is sent out)

    Also, in the db is a table called wp_registration_log. That’s where pending registrations live, and a record of everyone who signs up.Clean that out and you can re-use the email address.

    Your depth and breadth of knowledge is very much appreciated.

    Hello I activated my plug in site-creaton-wizard.php and I do not understand what to do from here. I don’t see any site creation link or anything to help me. Sorry but big time newbie but VERY interested. Can someone take the time to help?


    Did you enable the network?

    Also, please link to the plugin you are using.

    Thanks I think that is helping. I believe it is the Wildcard. I am getting a fatal error when I try to create a site through the dashboard. They said that it may be because it will take a couple of hours to propogate..ERROR: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_site() in /home/pinehill/public_html/wp-content/plugins/site-creation-wizard/site-creation-wizard.php on line 395

    Plug in resides at:
    Site Creation Wizard Plug in

    Thanks SO much this is frickin COOOOL.

    Ok got the “create new site” on dashboard but still getting this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_site() in /home/pinehill/public_html/wp-content/plugins/site-creation-wizard/site-creation-wizard.php on line 395

    Am I supposed to add something here because the Super Admin is still not showing up.

    Thanks in advance

    I think you;re trying to run a plugin for multisite before you set up multisite.

    Remove this:

    Do this:

    Then put the other plugin back.

    And I wanted the address of where you got the plguins from, which si this:

    And read the directions. Which say you must have multisite running first. Which you do not.

    Also note that is NOT an official wordpress site. So if the plugin blows up your site, you are out fo luck.

    I created multisite environment following step – by- step instructions “” network is working ok. After setup when I install plugin[site creation wizard] didn’t get option in dashboard “Create new site”. Instead this option I get option “My Site” why??
    Thanks in advance.

    “My site” is supposed to be there.

    Did you go look in Network Admin?

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