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  • DJ


    I have a pretty standard way of making my posts. They all have 1 picture set LEFT and have a Border of 3 and Vertical/Horizontal space of 2. Every time I post I’ll have to click on the pic, then go into Advanced tab and set these borders. Is there a way so that every time I upload a pic to be in my post, it applies these settings automatically?

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  • Michael


    Forum Moderator

    probably in style.css, you might be able to use (depending on your theme, i.e. the html structure and the used css ids and classes) something similar to:
    (just as an example)

    .post img { border-right: 3px solid #123acd; margin: 2px; }

    you probalby have to check carefully that this does not interfere with the manual added styles.

    firefox web developer add-on (or firebug) is a good tool to inverstigate css issues on your site in the browser.
    or check the html code in the browser for css ids and classes of your post images.

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