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    Hi, I have more than 20 sites with this plugin. Recently this plugin has updates very often, every few days and sometimes few times a day?

    To update all 20 sites takes time, and next day update again?

    How would I automate update without using Jetpack?
    And update only this plugin?


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  • I manage 40+ sites and the latest blast of updates for this plugin has been most annoying. I’ve connected my sites to ManageWP and now managing updates (WP, themes, plugins) is a breeze. Although I really wish this plugin’s dev team would perform more comprehensive testing before releasing updates.

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    Hi there,
    MonsterInsights supports 147 browser + version combinations, 118 WordPress versions (minor & major releases), on 5 different operating systems (plus all of their different versions), and attempts to be compatible with most of the 54,000+ plugins, and tens of thousands of themes you can get from and other sources. That’s trillions of combinations before you talk about how many ways a person can make a link.

    We have many people test all of our releases, and we also use both Selenium and PhantomJS powered unit tests to verify correct operation across the permutations on the majority uses of the above, plus all of the ways people can make a link. It’s not easy, nor do we do it because it’s easy, we do it because it’s hard, so that our users don’t have to try to sort that out themselves. There will be bugs in software. No software team worth their salt will ever try to tell you otherwise. Some of the best in the business (generally those where lives matter) such as NASA where they had floors of developers testing individual lines of code, still ended up with many bugs that made it into the Space Shuttle. And that’s a group who is studied for how few bugs they had.

    What we will promise is that we’ll be fast to respond and communicative. To be clear, I understand the hassle involved of updating sites. We use our product on dozens of our own sites, so I’m well aware. That being said, ensuring users get quick turnaround to any issues they are having will always be our team’s priority.

    As for recommendations for autoupdate, I have two. The first, is which allows you to toggle automatic none, minor-only, or major and minor releases on a per plugin basis. We’ll also be building in the same functionality (don’t autoupdate, only minor releases, all releases) into MonsterInsights over the coming releases.


    We’ll also be building in the same functionality (don’t autoupdate, only minor releases, all releases) into MonsterInsights over the coming releases.

    What makes you even remotely think, this would be a good idea?

    Use existing WordPress core functions/constants, that’s why they are there.

    Same for your colorful backend, WordPress core provides all necessary elements without a ton of extra scripts, styles, custom navigation which then breaks backend, as it just has happened.

    Get back to your roots, output a few lines of JavaScript on each page, route your coding energy to intercepting links, not funny colors, then your plugin might be worth looking at again.

    Disclosure: Due to current malfunction of this plugin we have had quite some very angry customers and have now removed the pluging from 100+ customer sites.

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    @eastcapetours thanks for suggesting managewp!

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