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  • hey guys

    First il try and explain what we have running on the site. We have the normal tags displayed at the bottom of the post, We also have them on the home page under each post. ( – NSFW content)

    we can only fit 4-6 tags for each post which is fine.

    NOW, what we want is at the bottom of each post page, is a bulk list of tags related to that post. They can be created manually or automatically from the content or better yet both, but they have to be relevant to each post. About 20 of them.

    So my question really is, is there a plugin to do this, or some php code.

    OR is there a way to limit the number of tags displayed in one place (to 6) and then in our bulk section have no limit?


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  • anyone got any ideas?

    (also if someone could remove the URL from the 1st post that would be very kind, forgot the site doesnt want me posting it in forums etc like this)

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