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  • Resolved Jay Collier



    After a speed analysis, we received this note:

    “Autoload size of the database is a bit high (3.57Mb). The ideal size is less then 1Mb. If it is bigger it won’t be a show stopper, but your site will use more memory for every pageload, which can cause higher memory usage and slowdown. This is mainly caused by Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields plugin. This could also explain the 502 gateway errors. You may contact the plugin author and ask them if autoload on YES is necessary.”

    I don’t have enough knowledge about autoloading to know the relevance or importance of this comment but, if there is guidance, we’ll be happy to make a change.

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  • I did more research and found these large entries in the wp_options table.

    _transient_pods_pods_get_type_post_type-2.7.22 517636
    _transient_pods_1ec153e2e709711909fa5cb228a656e3 377110
    _transient_pods_pods_wp__pod_tableinfo_event-2.7… 350928
    _transient_pods_pods_wp__pod_event-2.7.22 234040
    _transient_pods_pods_wp__pod_preserve-2.7.22 100130
    _transient_pods_pods_get_type_taxonomy-2.7.22 86139
    _transient_pods_72af907bd4e98115b08fe49eea624fda 80086

    These transients are not being removed during housecleaning and they are all being autoloaded. Do they all need to be autoloaded?

    For anyone else who may find this post, I should add that Pods > Settings > Clear Pods cache doesn’t empty those tables. If that is what’s supposed to happen, I’d be interesting in commissioning support to find out why not.

    Hi @keraweb

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Plugin Author Jory Hogeveen


    Hello @jcollier

    My first guess is that these transients orphaned for some reason.
    Transients are never mandatory data and can be removed without issues.

    @sc0ttkclark , could you elaborate on these orphaned transients and why they aren’t cleared when removing Pods Cache?

    Cheers, Jory

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    I’ve been looking into this the past week while doing a few other tasks. Thanks for your patience, I’m still digging into a potential solution for you.

    Thanks to you both for looking into this!

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    My solution is still up in the air right now, it won’t be in the next release. We’re going to figure out which transients should be autoload-able and which should bypass that (when using an external object cache).

    That will be followed up as part of

    Thanks so much for looking into this. I’ve subscribed to the GitHub ticket to follow and learn.

    Plugin Author Jory Hogeveen


    Closing topic here in favor of GitHub!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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