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  • Is there a free script out there for this? I want to do free blog hosting and blog hosting for people that use my forums. Is there a script out there that i can use that lets me or the user install a copy of WP into there own directory on my server for thre own personal use?

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  • I think none. But you can actually make dead easy scripts to install WP in any directory. For example a shell script to copy the files from a certain folder to another folder.

    yeah, Id like somthing like that, so that some one can create a login and at the same time, they get a WP Blog installed under a directory like and all the requiered database’s made. Ill have to look around for a script, which i have been for a few hours now. Or try to make one, if any one knows how or where to find out how, please let me know. Thanks. BTW this is for free so The script needs to be free or real cheap. Thanks again.

    The script should be very easy to create actually. Just copy all the files and folders, alter the wp-config.php for that user, and then run install.php. Once multiple weblogs gets support you could simply use .htaccess (although then you will have some security problems, independant installs would be best).

    I am interested in this as well if anyone has or can do this? I want to start a free christian blog hosting.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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