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  • Ok, still some work to do and shop is not online yet but I would love opinions on my new site

    I look forward to any comments that you have. Be gentle, it’s taken me a while to modify things to this level 🙂


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  • All in all a simple, clean design. Navigation seems a little awkward in some cases. It’s become sort of an unofficial standard to have the blog/company title serve as a link back to the home page (even when you have a “HOME” link in the toolbar). I think you should also have the “more content” indicators (i.e., “[…]”) following post summaries work as links. Because you’ve styled the post titles so they look like normal titles it’s no longer clear that they are also links to the full post. When I’m reading one of the posts on the home page I found that I was expecting the “[…]” text to take me to the full post.

    In the archive for December, look at the first post you made (the bottom one). It’s fully contained on the page so there’s no “[…]”. There’s also no clear indicator that this post takes you anywhere — i.e., it talks about something but doesn’t give you a link to go see it yourself. Once you click on the post title you then see that part of the text is now working as a link. I think if there are any links in the part of the post you’re using for the summary the links should also be in the summary.

    My feelings? The world is always in short supply of orange, so no complaints.

    This page:

    gave me pause because of font size and width. Generally, eyes like to travel about 30-34em before the line seems too wide, but the large, loose font made me feel a bit of vertigo reading that post.

    it’s a little, personally thing of mine. I have to shower sitting down, so what the hey do i know?

    but that’s my only suggestion: think newspaper/magazine column widths, keep them proportional to font so eyes don’t need to travel too far across the screen.

    me likes.

    Thank you for some great comments, far above the usual “blah” that I see in responce to most my projects 🙂 Its been very refreshing and though nothing has changed yet I will be putting your comments in to practice the moment I get some sit down time with the code side of the site 🙂

    Thank you again


    I don’t understand the need for the loading image prior to the forwarding of the main page to /news/

    Also you will suffer on Google with redirecting on your main page. When you request backlinks, always request them to the main page that has your text (for good crawling)

    Im an SEO Specialist, the front page loading is a temporary measure for the time being, very crude as well I may add 🙂

    But thank you for your concern. I just keep each section in its own folder, the front page will be the HUB for the other sections, it’s just taken longer than I wanted and I didnt want to use re-writes as otherwise the wrong pages would be indexed with the domain name etc and cause issues down the line 🙂


    Am now having one or two spacing issues when trying to include adds. 🙁 Doh

    I love the design – simple and elegant! Great Job!! The only thing I don’t particularly enjoy is the loading bit.

    As mentioned, the “loading” bit will be gone soon, its just a redirect page that isnt actually “loading” anything. Once I have the HUB made up it will go in its place 🙂

    Thanks again for all your kind words.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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