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  • I have an site using the theme Autofocus. I’ve made some changes to the template but I’s like to see share ideas with others. Please leave your site url and be sure to point out cool changes you’ve made to the theme.


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  • Here is my website. I haven’t made many changes, mainly changing the width, colors and adding the logo.

    You have a well designed website, everything flows very well.

    Thanks Mazpro. I like your images. Question….I know the post processing trick you did on the train as I’ve seen the post on Kelby’s blog…but I was wondering if you’d tell me what else you did to achieve the “dusty” old look. Did you add noise? Use a texture? It is very nice.

    The image was processed in Lightroom 3. All I did to it was adding grain, increased the clarity, sharpened it and lowered the vibrance and saturation a bit. Thank you.

    I have three sites using AF that I’m working on merging into one this week…

    old AF:
    AF + pro (everything is moving here):
    old AF:

    the last one is cool because I have videos and maps as the main image at the top in some posts… AF + and pro have some interesting new tricks up their sleeves that are fun to play with, but it’s also a lot of work converting. My old sites used URLs for the main image but the new version basically NEEDS everything uploaded as an attachment in order to work with some of the functions (because an attachment gets processed into thumbs).

    I have a photoblog and use AF, but i just started some weeks ago, so there are still many things to do 🙂 I really liked all your sites – especially Pamela’s idea to use another front page. I like that very much!

    Here is my site:

    Changed the layout of the front page, and backgrounds are black. Also, added my logo to the NavBar.

    Does anyone know how to make a youtube video be posted and become the home page image post as the youtube video? If someone does it would be greatly appreciated been trying for months now so if you know how please help me out. website

    It’s awesome to see how different all these sites on the same theme look!
    My site is
    I’ve played around with categories/pages and tweaked the padding on the homepage, added fonts etc but any advice/ideas for improvements appreciated : )
    Thanks everyone!

    Yes looking at the different sites can be awesome and quite time consuming. I would also like to see someone respond to the question regarding the youtube video.


    Very nice website. Love the websites that you’ve done. Are all these wordpress websites?


    Thanks ghas and pcather.

    Most sites I’ve worked on this year are WordPress just because it’s so simple but powerful. Love some of the text heavy themes but struggling to find a really good photoblogging theme which isn’t all fancy on the outside but a pain to use on the inside. Still tweaking my site but more for fun now than to fix anything major. (As I said tho – all advice on what to add/change appreciated)

    For YouTube – I suppose you could add a video plugin to the widgit bar and edit the CSS to show it above the first image block on the home page instead of at the bottom. You’d probably have to play around with the layout, maybe reduce the number of boxes and make the first layer into two squares rather than a squat rectangle so you work with the YouTube player attributes rather than struggling to change them.
    Or – not quite what you’re after but maybe useful in the meantime – how about taking a screenshot of the video which you could use as the post thumbnail (aka featured image) so it shows on the homepage and when you click it takes you to the embedded clip within the post?

    Great sites you have all!
    I’m thinking of using autofocus too, but there are some changes I’d like to make…

    Like you, I’d like to change the home page, and use the nice “picture layout” of AF on another page in the website.
    How did you do that?

    Also, the default theme shows all the hierarchy of pages on the top-right corner. Does any of you know how to keep it to 1-2 levels?

    I’m comfortable modifying the CSS, but I’m still learning about WordPress and PHP, and I’m not sure I understand how to modify the different functions… Any magic trick to avoid this kind of questions?




    My homepage is actually not part of the wordpress at all. It’s a separate html page. I created it by…

    1)Going to the “theme function” php and changed it from

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    2) Then I went to a page in the blog, right clicking so I could “view Page Source”, copied the html I found there, put it into Dreamweaver, then edited the html as I wished. That way I had the header looking exactly the same. Only problem with this is that when you do something to change the header in the blog (such as adding a new page) you have to repeat the above for the homepage to make them match. You don’t have to start all over but you do need to figure out what code changed in the header and alter it the same way on the homepage.

    Hope this helps.
    [sig moderated as per the Forum Rules]


    As for your “hierarchy of pages” question:

    Not sure if this is what you are talking about so this may or may not help. I downloaded a plug-in call “Exclude Pages in Navigation” which can be found here>>>

    It adds a box on the lower right side of the “edit Page” page. You can check whether you want that page to show or not show in the navigation menu.

    Hope this helps.
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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)
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