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  • My site was auto-updated to 3.1 today (gotta remember to turn that function off!).

    Now my site is borked. The theme uses Featured Images to display photos as a photo blog.

    Now all of my posts have no photos, just text:

    Also, the admin pages are loading SLOWLY. I also cannot upload images. When I click on any of the “add media” icons, nothing happens. If I click on Set Featured Image, the uploader opens as a separate page and does not work.

    Anyone else having these issues?

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    There is no auto-update that runs without you clicking on it, just FYI. If your site is upgrading without you pressing the button, there’s a problem.

    Try the WordPress default theme (Twenty Ten) to see if the theme is the problem.

    Since I can see images on your main page, it’s probably a plugin

    Have you read

    it’s not just him and it’s not just AF… featured images are broken in 2010 as well. My whole blog looks like crap because I was dumb enough to upgrade to 3.1… Now I have hours of work to do just to get my theme back to where it was this morning? WTF.

    My AutoFocus theme broke as well. However, the only issue I have is that javascript doesn’t work in the admin area (when I change to the default WP theme everything works fine). I’m wondering if it has to do with the 3.1 upgrade of jQuery. I’ll check into it and post my findings here.

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    I use featured images and have no issues. Are you using featured images plugins?

    Also read this:

    My issue is simply that Javascript errors are thrown in the Dashboard so a lot of admin features don’t work. It is directly related to the AutoFocus+ theme. I know this because when I change themes everything works. I’ve also found other folks complaining of the same issue with the same theme.

    Here’s the JS error:

    “Error: a.attributes is null
    Source File: /wp-admin/load-scripts.php?c=1&load=jquery,utils&ver=7bb5fde83e0949a753f31e184d1c6ac7
    Line: 55″

    The auto-update is a feature of DreamHost. I forgot I had left it on. I haven’t had issues in the past, but this move to 3.1 seems to have causing quite a few problems.

    I have changed themes and can confirm that the issue lies with AutoFocus theme.

    I can now use the image uploader and add tags, and the admin section is much quicker.

    However, my blog is completely broken now because I use featured images only, and the other themes I have for photoblogs don’t use featured images – therefore my photo blog is just text right now!

    Just searched the AutoFocus help forums, and the developer has updated the theme!

    It seems to have fixed my issues:

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    The auto-update is a feature of DreamHost.

    Okay, I JUST now found out about this and I would NEVER recommend even CONSIDERING letting my host upgrade for me. Why? Well as you found out, there can be problems. Unless they promise to be able to cleanly roll you back a version after upgrade, turn this off.

    Yes, this is good for a lot of people, but it’s also dangerous, since if you’re the sort to not pay attention to upgrades, you probably didn’t upgrade your plugins/themes either. Ick.

    @fadetowhite – thanks for the theme update link! that saved me!

    My pro theme is broken also, the image hover fails to work, but the hover in the autofocus+ version works fine, is there a simple swap I can do to fix the image hover on my autofocuspro theme??

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