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    I’m using the Autofocus + Pro theme and my site works totally fine in Firefox. However, in using IE I am having problems with the navigation arrows in the blog section going screwy. The arrows are fine in both browsers in the single-post section.

    If you visit my blog using FF, you will see a “left arrow” on the left-side of the grid indicating there’s another page of earlier entries.

    If you visit the same in IE, you’ll see no arrow. The only way I can get an arrow to show up in IE, is by reducing the number of items on the blog-picture-grid to around 4….. then the arrow shows up on the right side pointing left. Weird.

    If you visit a single-post on my site in either Firefox OR Internet Explorer, you’ll see the next/previous arrows work fine:


    I’m kinda stumped here. It’s got to be down to something specific to the blog-template but I haven’t changed that.

    Could anyone help?

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  • I’ve done more investigation on this, and it looks like I can actually see the arrows in IE if I set the page view zoom level very far out.

    The arrows are staggered an entire width of my site apart…. it’s as if they misaligned by one width. I’ve uploaded a small jpg where you can see this ….. Again, they are fine in single-post pages (and everything is ok in Firefox).

    Picture of problem

    Any help and I’ll be your friend forever! This is the last part of my site then it’s all good to go.

    Cheers, Dave.

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