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  • I’ve just jumped head first into the world of wordpress.

    At the moment I have it set up working well with Active Directory and have set up the networking.

    Is there a way (I’m sure there must be) to get it so that whenever a user logs in and their account gets created through active directory that they can have a site ready made for them? This is kind of a key issue, as teachers don’t like having to set things up so I really need it to be there and ready to use, with only a little bit of tweaking such as perhaps selecting a theme. Is someone could point me in the right direction I would be really grateful.

    Basically I’m aiming for: Single sign on from our domain, creating a new compeletly independent blog automaticlly (possibly with the option to create more, not sure if I want to let the students lose on the world just yet!) so that these can be sent to moderators.

    Hope I’ve made some sort of sense for a change.

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