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  • I’ve some problems with safari browser and the functionality of back-end .
    If I try choosing tags in safari they appear on the top-left angle of the screen.
    In Chrome tags appear regularly below the field to search them,
    This happens because in safari the “autocomplete” function doesn’t work.

    If I check the code in Chrome the

      containing the list of tags has a online style that center the list under the box.
      For example:
      <ul class=”ui-autocomplete ui-front ui-menu ui-widget ui-widget-content wp-tags-autocomplete” id=”ui-id-1″ role=”listbox” style=”display: none; top: 655px; left: 1595px; width: 176px;”>

      In Safari this part of code is absent
      style=”display: none; top: 655px; left: 1595px; width: 176px;”
      For this reason the list goes to the top left corner

      How can I solve the problem?
      I would try to update this file
      but the repository of jquery returns 502 error…

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  • Hi.
    Which WP version do you use?
    In latest 5.4.1, ui-autocomplete is not used in tag section.

    Is it a plugin feature?

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    Hi. I use WP 5.4.1. The autocomplete is used by Rank Math too in post editor page.
    Anyway if I deactivate R.M. the problem persists (I tried locally deactivating all plugins and moving to standard theme).

    I solved changing these WP files in wp-inlcudes/js/jquery and updating theme to the latest version:

    jQuery Migrate v1.4.1 – 2016-05-19 –> jQuery Migrate – v3.3.0 – 2020-05-05
    jquery-migrate.min v1.4.1 –> jQuery Migrate v3.3.0
    jQuery v1.12.4 WordPress 2019-05-16 –> jQuery v3.5.1

    The upgrade solved also other problems with a plugin.

    Hey. I also wanted to configure plugins for my site in Safari. I had it on the .uk domain and only after switching to .com ( did we manage to solve the problem. No updates were required.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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