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  • Hi, re:, trying to use Autochimp and Register Plus Redux together to send first name, last name, email, and ZIP code to mailchimp when a user signs up. (Registration is not active on the site currently, I’m trying to work this out first.)

    I’m getting a 250 error and no email addresses because I have ZIP as a required field in my Mailchimp form, and I can’t get Autochimp to send over that field.

    Autochimp is not listing Register Plus Redux as a plugin it “sees” under the plugin tab, and does not offer the “Patch Register Plus Redux” checkbox people are talking about.

    Anyone know how to get Autochimp to recognize RPR or to code in a way to have it send ZIP data along with the other fields?


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  • By the way, I tried deactivating all the plugins and reactivating them … no help …

    I can tell you why the Register Plus Redux patch is missing, I changed the class name from RegisterPlusReduxPlugin to Register_Plus_Redux in v3.9 of my plugin. If you edit line 481 of 88-autochimp-settings.php:

    if ( class_exists( ‘RegisterPlusReduxPlugin ‘ ) )


    if ( class_exists( ‘Register_Plus_Redux’ ) )

    The patch becomes visible again. However, I’m still not sure that will actually do anything, do let me know and I’ll try my best to troubleshoot.

    I think the real problem is that there is no way to map any of Register Plus Redux’s variables with AutoChimp.

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