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    A couple questions related to auto-blogging.

    1) Anyone have recommendations for the best free auto-blogging software

    2) Anyone have recommendations for the best “fee” auto-blogging software

    I basically want to create blog entries on my site based on blogs/news articles from various news outlets/sources via RSS feeds. I’d like the blog to include the images (if there is any), the author, a link to their article, etc.

    I just want the content & images but I want to give credit to the author and the site. I’m not trying to steal their content as I want to give credit where credit.

    I don’t want all my content coming from auto-blogging… just the stuff that doesn’t make sense for me to have to write about. For example, if I’m a sports blogger, why would I spend the time writing articles about a contract extension, injury news, etc when that can be found anywhere? I still want the content/news (i.e. hence the auto-blogging) because it’s important. But I want want to have to write about it myself when I can leverage auto-blogging (if thats the right term). I want to be able to focus my limited time available to write blogs entries on unique, opinionated content.

    Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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