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    I have a WP blog up on the internet. It works.
    I wanted to play a bit with some new thoughts so I broght down a complete copy to my local system, so I’m not playing with the working live version. I thought I was soooo smart… I’m on Win XP Pro, AMD 3.1 proc, 2 gb RAM, large disk is 1/2 full. Nothing too fancy.

    I fired the local copy up. Went into my Dashboard. At the top, it beckoned me to auto-upgrade. I obliged. It went through 5 steps and at the final one I see: “Your server is running PHP version 5.1.6 but WordPress 3.2.1 requires at least 5.2.4.” I can go no further. I certainly didn’t run any server, or PHP services, just called index.html up in IE7 but… I downloaded and installed WAMP 2.1 because that advertised it had PHP vers 5.3.5. Tried the Dashboard – same result. Rebooted. Tried the Dashboard – same result. Uninstalled and resinstalled WAMP 2.1 – rebooting each time. Tried the Dashboard – same result. It has it buried somewhere that I used PHP 5.1.6 and won’t continue. I can’t’ figure out where PHP vers 5.1.6 came from or where it’s installed. I doesn’t show in your Add/Remove applet (of course). You cannot uninstall it normally – I was sure the new version would simply overlay it. Wrong!

    I had saved the downloaded website seperately in another folder and was using a copy of it. OK, I’ll just go back to my all original fileset from the download an hour ago and start over. You guessed it!

    So I am completely stumped. I do not know how or where or what file to modify or what registry entries I have to hit in order to bypass this error and get the Dashboard to show.

    I shouldn’t have done what I did, OK I’ll take my beating. Please! How do I recover from this fiasco???



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  • Issue is resolved.

    I inadvertently and unintentionally wound up “logging in” to the live copy even though I was editting in the local copy. The new version requires the PHP upgrade which the live server does not have. I have no ability to upgrade PHP as it’s not my server. The error is in fact coming from the server, not my local in-house copy as I intended. And, I never realized it until just now.

    This fix will have to wait for the server owner to take action.


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