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  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade & Plugin Central, both get to the downloading updates screen. A few seconds later it displays “done” then nothing happens. Nothing is actually downloaded, so of course the updates can not proceed anyways.

    So, why are they saying “downloads complete”? & Why aren’t they downloading anything?
    Do I need to modify some php code somewhere?

    I have searched through the posts in vain.

    I have years of experience with PC’s & coding but the answer to this problem eludes me.

    Have a great day everyone!

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    i have the same problem. if i try to automatic upgrade a plugin or the latest wordpress version the zip folder get downloaded in to the wp-content folder and nothing more happend.

    1.) From the jumpside, the “install now” function for the plugins did not work and still does not accross 25 WP installations I have. I asked about this but got no response
    2.) Now the auto upgrade does not work (2.71) and does the same think as the auto plugin install, it says unpacking zip, done, then nothing.

    WASSUP with this?

    Same problem. Anyone know if it’s a folders permission?

    So I’m looking at my FTP structure…and I see the plugins in ZIP form in the wp-content directiory. Apparently it downloaded them but is not unpacking them.


    In your FTP program, right-click the WP-Content directory. Click on Attributes.

    Most likely, the permissions are set to 755, as mine were.

    Change them to 705, and make sure the changes are applied to all sub-directories (BUT NOT TO THE FILES).

    My plugins and theme auto installs work fine now.

    Not sure if this will also fix the auto upgrade of WordPress, as I already upgraded it manually. Guess I’ll find out on the next upgrade.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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