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  • I been having a hard time if there is current plugins / configuration that allow automatic apply those wordpress update including those plugins without any of your intervention press the apply update button.

    Ps: Bear with me if i am asking silly question.

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  • As a personal view, I think that’s a very bad idea. Even though most things are stable every few upgrades you see will something from some small conflict to a full-scale meltdown. It just happens when there’s so many plugins and themes that can be used in a single system. If the system did automatic updates for you, there’s a chance that you’d never see these issues until you start getting complaints from users – or even worse, users stop visiting your site because it’s broken. I’d never want to have updates applied ot my site without me knowing and doing a full (files + DB) backup before I start upgrading anything.

    Well Michael, i did my automatic backup daily using those online plugin just like codeguard. Beside that, i used my manual backup weekly through cpanel. I will rather use automatic update if you have come across any. The reasons behind it are all my updates such as plugins are up to date which reduce the risk of a hack and no need time management doing all those manual updates.



    There is a plugin called automatic updater . It will automatically update the wordpress core and plugins. It is a plugin worth installing.

    There is a problem with automatically update the WordPress core and plugins it is possible that in one morning to see that our website doesn’t work because of compatibility problems. I have this problem on [link removed] and trust me it wasn’t funny at all. Those compatibility problems might appear from nowhere and you can see that your site doesn’t work after 2-3 months. If you are lazy and you put such plugin for sure you don’t verify if your site works. I recommend you to make manual updates to everything, in this way you will be sure that your site work without any problem.

    @luipagan: Please stop posting links to your site all over the place. For example, this topic is 5 months old!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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