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    Man…i cant login…anyway.
    I made an extension to upload.php file that automatically creates thumbnails and puts them in “images directory/t/” directory for ease of use with wp-photos (instead of making the thumbnails and then uploading…etc.) tell me if this is usefull and if any of you want me to post it.

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  • please… that would be very nice.



    Great idea! I would definitely use it. Thanks.



    Without question would be a useful hack.


    I’ll fiddle with it a tad bit more so it’ll auto create dirs and chmod em for ya too…try to minimize work that had to be done for ya all. Then i will put it.



    I am also very interested in this hack. This would complete the WP Photos hack, and take a lot of hassle out of using it… Thanks!


    So one question before i post…(sorry i’m jump on this every once a week…) Do you guys want it to upload to one folder or have an option of folders to upload in or create a folder for the day…?


    the option of folders would be cool.


    free kevin!

    yah.. that would great and i need it…how could i get the code for that? what are the requirements for that? thanks

    ehmm… where did that hack go?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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