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  • Hi there,
    Is it possible to have all links w/in the blog content open in new windows, AUTOMATICALLY (i.e. no editing quicktags.js, no manually putting target=”_blank”).
    Thank you.

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  • dont you know that _blank is a sin? perhaps you could take it out of link manager?

    I figured it out.
    Thank you.

    Opening a link in a new window is… how do I say… A SIIIIN REPENT REPEEENT!
    I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve developed a policy. If a site opens a link in a new window I close the site and never return to it again. I’ve had it!!

    I used to open off-site links in new windows on my blog. But I had a checkbox in my menu area to toggle that feature off. I’d suggest that anyone who wants to open links in a new window offer the user a choice to turn it off like that.
    I eventually just got rid of that feature, though. I conceded that it should be up to the user whether they want a new window or not. It’s easy enough to shift-click or right-click the link and choose. And since I use Mozilla as my main browser now, I just middle-click everything to open new pages in tabs 🙂
    If you really feel the need to open new windows, here’s the code I used to use:
    setTarget Javascript function
    Form code to toggle links
    As-is, it will open links in window named “ext_link_window”. This way, it will only open one extra window and keep re-using it, rather than opening an entirely new browser window for every link.

    well, if i link an external link, i do tend to place target=”_blank” to the links…
    does that make me a sinner? 😛

    I’m a sinner too, Sushubh as my Blogroll is set to target=”_blank”. 🙂

    I don’t mean to be rude, but let’s stop calling people names because they want links to open in new windows. It’s SOP for certain types of sites, and the web would be crippled without it. Think of all the news blogs out there for crying out loud.
    Can someone please provide the code to acheive this, without calling us names?

    Hi Joshua,
    Both Chris’ post and Dougal’s post in this thread, link to examples of code to do this. Link manager also provides the ability to make your links open new windows. Or is there something else you wanted?

    That does not explain how to do what is requested. That just tells one two ways to make links open in seperate windows. What we are asking for is a “hack”, that makes WP auto-insert the required tag when using the URL button when making posts. This is the third time you have This answer has been posted, once by you, and twice by dougal , so please stop responding, unless you are going to answer the question.

    Hi Joshua,
    You may want to think about the fact that this code is developed and supported by volunteers who do not have to respond at all, let alone put up with a response like that.
    It is currently 1:18 am for me; I could be in bed, instead I am answering queries in this forum and fixing reported bugs. So I will keep this brief.
    The change you have requested is in the latest version of wp-quicktags.js in CVS on sourceforge, Alex committed it a week ago. In fact, I will probably alter it so that it is a configurable option and not on by default. I don’t know whether any other recent files are required to go with the latest version of that file, so grab it with caution.
    In the meantime, Joshua, you may want to update your ‘powered by’ link at the bottom of your blog.

    Thanks. That’s wonderful news. I would love to have it as a toggle-option. I was not trying to be rude, and I know you guys don’t have to respond. My point was that it would be better not to repsond at all, than to resort to calling us names, and to tell us how to do simple html tricks, when we already know them, since they are in the thread title. Also, I did attempt to update the powered by link. I don’t have time to change each one of my templates by hand, so I was going to upload the new graphic with the same name. I saved the image as a jpeg in photoshop, but when I uploaded it to the server, it does not show up at all. Still trying to figure that out.

    @joshua: Just to let you know:
    The image “ cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Target attributes on anchor tags break validation and will not be included in WordPress, ever. Where it’s there now, it should be removed. However there are some more elegant solutions to your problem. Many of the external links through WordPress are made as such: Link to external site. This allows some very simple and lightweight javascript to essentially work around the popup problem in an elegant and user selectable way. More information here: .
    I am not arguing the merits of opening new windows, I’m just saying that the W3C specification that we are commited above all things to follow specifically prohibit this and so we will not include target="blank" in any WordPress generated code.

    Uh, my pages validate perfectly, and they have tons of target=_blank tags. Where is the W3C page that says target=blank is invalid?

    Oh, right. I thought wordpress was just transistional. Or are they going for strict now?
    So the commit by alex a week ago is going to be removed? For sure?

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