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    I submit a new post and ‘Strictly Auto Tags’ tags my key words – great. However, the full URL of the tag is incomplete, the first half of the domain name is missing.

    So, where is it taking the domain name from? I presume that I have entered it incorrectly somewhere and the error passes through to the auto tag link

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    I’m not sure what you mean.

    The tagging function uses the get_option(‘siteurl’) WordPress function to get the URL of the site and then it just adds the tag permastructure to the end of it repacing the word after your word for /%tag%/taggedword with the word in question.

    So on my site with a tag “cheltenham” I would get

    If you are not getting the first part of the domain then I would check your settings (and the DB table wp_options) to make sure siteurl is set.


    Hey Rob!
    I love your plugins!
    He means it is rendering the following code:
    <a class="StrictlyAutoTagAnchor" title="View all stories 'bout Italy here" href="http:/tag/italy">Italy</a>
    The domain name is missing, even when the site URL and permalinks are set correctly.
    The problem lies, at least in my case, with a conflict with the BWP External Links plugin, which aims to place an external link icon following every external link. Even when I put the site’s own URL in that plugins ‘forced local domains’ box, the issue is still there. It looks like these 2 filters are colliding somewhere within the page rendering loop. Even with the BWP External Links plugin disabled. the generated HTML is still the same as above http:/tag/italy but the link works correctly even though it isn’t coded properly, but should be I took a look at the code in your D.P. site and it is working correctly for you.
    In the latest version, 2.82, I have had some other problems. I guess this should be a new thread but oh well. I had a noise word of "new tag" (without quotes;note the space), because I was trying to stop a tag called "new tag" from being created. It didn’t work, but I left it in. Version 2.82 doesn’t like this at all and complains about invalid noise words. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the existing noise word, i.e., Control-A; delete. They come right back after a save! The only way I was able to solve this dilemma was to manually edit the options table in the database, by deleting completely the “strictlyautotags” entry altogether.
    Kindest Regards

    In line 636 of strictlyautotags.class.php:
    Isn’t get_option('siteurl') deprecated?
    Shouldn’t it be:

    And now its putting ##Q##m where the quotes should be! Sigh.

    Looks like the ##Q## fixed in the newest release. I think Rob Strictly left the debugger on. However, the plugin is still generating malformed URLS, I think.

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    Yes I basically wanted to prevent bolded/linked tags from appearing within other attributes like titles, alt, src, hrefs etc so I first tried replacing all single quotes with ##Q## and then replacing them back e.g do a positive regular expression rather than a performance killing negative lookahead as it was HTML that used single rather than double quotes that was causing the issue e.g instead of

    And if “hello” was a keyword I didn’t want it putting a bolded/anchored tag inside the title attribute.

    However that didn’t work too well so I decided to store all the content of these attributes in an array and then replace them after all bolding and linking had been done.

    However I really don’t know why you are not getting a domain in your links as all the sites I use it on work (latest versions of WP but not multi sites)

    Maybe you are using a multi site configuration or a non standard folder setup?

    I am using get_option(‘siteurl’) to get the site url which works fine for my own sites.

    Feel free to replace or override that function with one of your choice e.g get_option(‘blogurl’) or whatever you want.

    You could even make it easy and hardcode that bit of code to your domain OR write a function at the bottom of the page to return your domain and replace any call of get_option(‘siteurl’) with it e.g

    function getSiteDomain(){
      return "";

    Then replace all calls of get_option(‘siteurl’) with getSiteDomain();



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