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  • Recently, I’ve noticed it hasn’t been automatically syncing comments. Manual syncing seems to still be working though. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the latest WordPress version (5.7) update or other plugin.

    Now, I’ve just tried pausing auto-sync then re-enabling it, but it keeps saying “There was an error attempting to enable syncing.” There’s also an “Error enabling syncing: Verification request failed: 2021-03-16 9:00 am” just below the auto-sync status.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for reporting this. Please try these troubleshooting steps to see if they will provide a path for resolving the issue. If they do not, please let us know.

    1. Check the webhook link here:
    This page will either return json text if working or will 404 and not load. If that link is not returning anything or not loading, something is blocking outside sources like Disqus from making requests to your site. This could be due to your REST API configuration, or a plugin that is blocking access to the REST API from other 3rd parties.
    2. In version 4.7 of the WordPress platform, REST API is enabled by default. If you are unsure if it is enabled on your WordPress version, you may check that REST API is enabled here:
    If this page loads with json text, REST API is generally enabled for your site, even if it is blocked for Disqus.

    If the REST API is blocked for Disqus or your entire site, you’ll want to follow instructions here to enable REST API and troubleshoot why it may not be enabled:

    More general information on the REST API may be found here:

    Once you’ve configured your REST API to be enabled for Disqus, try step number 1 again. If the page loads with text, you should be able to click the Syncing option within the Disqus plugin to properly sync your comments.

    3. This may also be caused by a conflict with ones of your current plugins, which may be blocking REST API in some capacity. You can test this by temporarily disabling all plugins except Disqus. (These are not permanent recommendations; they are simply to help isolate the issue.) Once all themes (or the suspected themes) have been disabled, try step number 1 again. If the page loads with text, you should be able to click the Syncing option within the Disqus plugin to properly sync your comments.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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    1. Webhook link not loading at all.
    2. REST API (wp-json) for the whole site seems to be working. There’s some Disqus stuff in there too. I’m not a pro coder or anything so I can’t really troubleshoot it myself.
    3. I’ve tried disabling plugins, at least the ones for security and spam. No dice.
    4. If I open up the sync token for installation, it displays:{"code":"rest_no_route","message":"No route was found matching the URL and request method.","data":{"status":404}}. I hope that provides some sort of clue.

    I’ll have to disable Disqus for now then.

    I’m facing the same issue.

    After enabling the auto-sync, it’s reporting:

    Error occurred during sync request from Disqus: 2021-04-01 12:59 pm

    The /wp-json/disqus/v1/sync/webhook-endpoint are returning 404, but I can’t see anything in the logs, firewall or other events, pointing to something related to security-blocking on the server. All other Disqus-endpoints in the wp-json API works, too.

    I can’t get this has become so unstable over the year(s). Our sync has worked just fine for multiple year on/off – with a few issues here and there, but this time it’s almost broken. Nothing works as expected. The “Support” button on the Disqus Support page are throwing a error, so I can’t even create a support-case…

    VM103:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token o in JSON at position 0
    ^ And yes. We’re actually paying for the service.

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    @exetico Oof if you’re paying for it. 😬
    Perhaps they’ll pay more attention to the problem now that a paying customer’s complaining rather than someone on a Free plan like me.

    The “Support” button on the Disqus Support page are throwing a error

    What?! That’s just sad.

    Yeah, this is why I dislike third-party comment systems. They’ll either turn sheety (Disqus?), become horribly outdated (IntenseDebate, but not technically a third-party system), or be bought by Adobe and stop being free (LiveFyre). I’m glad I just moved into wpDiscuz because of this.

    Mind you, Disqus is still working properly, it just doesn’t sync the comments automatically to WordPress. Manual syncing was working before I changed to wpDiscuz, though I don’t know if that’s still working. Even if manual sync is still working, I’m not in the mood nor have the time to manually sync it every time someone makes a comment.

    I’d rather it sync automatically and properly just in case something goes wrong with Disqus like all the other comment systems.

    Update: I just spotted that my blocking-solution did break the support-button. It just pointed to a chat-integration, which told that the staff was AFK right now… So at least, the support-button works.

    Sure, the comment-section works, but if no-one are able to see if there’s good stuff in the comment section, many people don’t really spend time to jump to that section. Overall we’re sharing the same thoughts about the solution in general.

    Maybe I should take a look at wpDiscuz.



    Also now having this exact same problem after updating WordPress to 5.7.1 (and PHP to 7.4). Must be something within the Disqus plugin? I’ve tried everything! Including de-activating every other plugin, but it still doesn’t work properly. Huh. I guess the auto-sync is broken for now? Still can’t get it fixed… Any solutions? Anything work?

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    @buddha1822 I’ve moved to wpDiscuz and never looked back. And even if I did, it seems the problem still hasn’t been fixed. 🙄

    The only “solution” is to manually sync it periodically, if that’s still even working. If that’s still working,then I assume syncing isn’t the problem but something with how it’s automated.

    Disqus itself should still be working, it’s just not syncing TO WordPress automatically. You can just keep using it in its broken state if you don’t care about it syncing. The only problem with this is if you stop using Disqus or Disqus suddenly disappears somehow. Every comment after auto-sync was broken will not be imported to WordPress,that is if you didn’t manually sync.



    Ah okay. I still prefer Disqus, just hoping they figure out what’s broken or update the plugin soon… Hmmmm. Thank you for the reply anyway.

    I can’t believe this issue isn’t fixed still. Makes me believe the whole Disqus project is abandonware.

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    @fraktjakt I know, right?

    Well, thanks for commenting here. Maybe more comments here (ironically) will draw attention to this already one-month-old problem.

    I honestly cannot believe that this is still happening. I am a paying Disqus user and have to go in and manually sync comments 10 times a day. Anybody know WTF is going on???

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    @pedalingnowhere Yeahhhh, I don’t know what to tell you and everyone else, especially paying users like you, except to just keep bugging Disqus everywhere about it because they’re probably just gonna ignore free users like me. I don’t care about Disqus anymore ever since my move to wpDiscuz, so good luck with Disqus.

    But yes, it is indeed ridiculous that it’s two months already and this issue is still not resolved!



    I noticed my site syncs maybe twice a day, but that’s it… So it works, just not very often. I think they slowed down the API and syncing if you’re not paying for a premium account. I thought it wasn’t working at all, but it just runs very slowly. Whatever is going on there, they must be slowing down and trying to reserve resources and perhaps that means less syncing/updates daily now. Not sure how else to explain it, but as long as it still works I’m shrugging it off for now…

    @buddha1822 Yeah, that’s how ours works, as well, and I’m paying for a “plus” account…

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