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  • Demlaip


    I found All Good things in Woocommerce till nOw, Because of that I rated it high.
    However if anyone please let me answer to my question, it would give me 1 more reason to love woocommerce.

    Query Scenario:
    I recently implemented Woocommerce and in trial session I found following issue:

    1. Initially, I provide 10qty for Product1. 2. place a Dummy Order from front-end of 10qty of that Product1. 3. Then After that I see Product1 is Out of Stock. 4. From Admin of woocommerce, If I cancelled that dummy order or reduce the product qty on that order, It Doesn’t Update the Stock Qty of that product1.

    And I still see the Out of stock label on that product even after that order has been cancelled which reserved this qty.

    Hence is their any way to Auto-Manage this Stock Updates between orders and Inventory.

    Sincerly say, it would be really helpful to get this help because it would let us confirm that we should go ahead with woocommerce as our next ecommerce platform for our clients if this Auto-Update is Available in woocommerce.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Dynamic pricing plugin from woothemes perhaps?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Thats here btw if you need to find it:

    @mike thanks for sharing. Well i need your help in one issue. I bought UPS Plugin for Woocommerce for one of my client.

    The issue is I am using free shipping and local delivery ($5.95) for selected zips, now all i want is that UPS should not through any results on the cart/checkout page if the Zip is qualifying for free or local delivery shipping. Checked it in the options, may be i am missing something. Pls help.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    There isn’t a way to do that, without custom code to conditionally disable methods.

    For future ref, post on please, not here 😉

    Thanks for your support.



    Hi Mike,

    I got to express one important Suggestion:

    Once I read somewhere: you posted that you already made change in core repository of woocommerce for inclusion of ‘Rupee’ currency.
    However Problem we are facing on every new woocommerce update is that:

    We always need manually change Currency symbol to ‘Rs.’ in woo-core-func file.

    So if its possible could you please update core woocommerce repository with this symbol ‘Rs.’ for Rupee currency as other Ascii value which is currently used there is not supported in many browsers yet.

    Awaiting your Update.




    Hi there ,

    I am using woocommerce 2.0.13 version and having an issue with inventory management.

    It seems stock is not being managed in this version. I set quantity of my product to 1 and when i buy it , everything goes fine but it seems user is able to buy it again as stock quantity is never being reduced back to 0.

    I am badly looking for a solution and any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

    I have enabled Manage stock at product level and under woocommerce setting inventory page as well.

    please help.

    thanks in advance.

Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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