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  • I found All Good things in Woocommerce till nOw, Because of that I rated it high.
    However if anyone please let me answer to my question, it would give me 1 more reason to love woocommerce.

    Query Scenario:
    I recently implemented Woocommerce and in trial session I found following issue:

    1. Initially, I provide 10qty for Product1. 2. place a Dummy Order from front-end of 10qty of that Product1. 3. Then After that I see Product1 is Out of Stock. 4. From Admin of woocommerce, If I cancelled that dummy order or reduce the product qty on that order, It Doesn’t Update the Stock Qty of that product1.

    And I still see the Out of stock label on that product even after that order has been cancelled which reserved this qty.

    Hence is their any way to Auto-Manage this Stock Updates between orders and Inventory.

    Sincerly say, it would be really helpful to get this help because it would let us confirm that we should go ahead with woocommerce as our next ecommerce platform for our clients if this Auto-Update is Available in woocommerce.

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  • Thats a valid point, i never noticed that Woocommerce is behaving like that.

    On which Woocommerce version you tested this?

    Latest Updated of woocommerce 2.0.4.
    I’m currently using mystile theme.

    Okay, share the URL of ur website.

    Let add some quantity and then you can try to place your order.
    And I will cancel that order from admin.
    Lets see What happens ?

    Red-Bow shows out of stock

    For your test, I create 1 product with variation, there also you will experience a Pop-up and no options in Colors drop-down, even though I defined some.
    Why i Don’t know ?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Cancelling orders doesn’t restore stock. You can do it manually from the order page (see the line items section, check them off, then select “increase stock” from the dropdown).

    Same with refunds.

    You have to define every variation with value , cost etc. Just add a simple product to test.

    @mikejolley don’t you think Woocommerce should handle it automatically, this will look strange to anybody, its simple mathematics, if 2+2 is 4 then 4-2 must be 2 and it should be by its own.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Maybe, but you never know *why* an order is being cancelled. It may be a manual order (shouldn’t restore), it may be an unpaid order (shouldn’t restore), it may be cancelled due to fraud etc etc. Its best to leave the decision to the shop owner.

    @yogesh: Your Suggestion Worked ! Thanks. You can witness it.

    However @mike: Will it be possible for you to offer this below feature for free in woocommerce next update:
    “Auto Inventory Management by synchronizing Orders and Product Stocks.”

    @mike: “increase stock” feature is working for making update on Order Line, but it doesn’t reflect the stock changes in Product stock.
    Can you offer some little snippets for this tasks using some or the other hooks.

    Thanks for your Valuable Inputs.

    @mikejolley hmm, may be you are right. But we have ‘status update’ for manual order or payment on delivery or even if its an unpaid order. It should be deducting the inventory only when its paid or the status is updated as ‘paid’ (or something like that) and add it back to its inventory if cancelled due to any reason. Please correct me if i am wrong.

    @mike: Thanks alot for your Inputs !
    However my requirement is:

    If its a Unpaid Order, then we call customer to please confirm whether they will recieve this order or they just tested our ecommerce service.

    So in that case,based on customer confirmation, we will cancel this order from admin or by some Bulk import of Order status.

    Hence will it be possible to automate this below process:
    “Restore order line qty and allow other customers to place order for the same product.”

    @mikejolley first of all, you have earned me for life.

    Is this thing possible to make a product (or its variations) whose final cost depends on quantity, e.g. say 1 Comb for $10, 2 Combs for $18, or something like that.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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